Our entire western society is geared toward using the mind as the main decision making tool.  We think about everything.  We rationalise. We logically deduce.  We problem solve, weighing up pieces of information we have read or learned.  Each one of these processes is happening in the mind. This is the way we have been taught to operate.  This is how we process all that is happening to us, and how we decide to move forward or not in all areas of our lives. Yet I am sure for many of you, you have felt the frustration of continuously weighing up, listing of pros and cons and this sense of never coming to a complete and clear answer.  When using our minds, there always seems to be another question.  We never fully reach an answer that feels totally correct for us.  What creeps in more often then not are the should I, could I, what if…. and the list goes on and on and on.  When we are totally in our mind it can often feel like we are in a hamster wheel that is spinning and spinning, yet we never get to where we are wanting to go. There is another way.  Each one of us, holds within us a source of great wisdom – and it is not in the mind.

Your body holds infinitely more wisdom than your mind!

In fact, the wisdom in our mind pales in comparison to the wisdom held within your body. You are probably familiar with the neural network of the brain – and understand how amazing it is.  Yet the intelligence networks found within the body and larger and more complex and contain within them far greater wisdom than could ever be held within the neural networks of the brain.

Yet most of us allow our minds to run the show.

For most of us we are deeply disconnected from the wisdom within our bodies.  We have become so conditioned to thinking about everything that we are no longer aware of how our bodies communicate with us.  We are no longer in touch with the subtle messages and information that our bodies are trying to share with us moment to moment.

The wisdom from your body KNOWS, it does not question or doubt, it does not go around and around in a loop. It just FEELS right.

The amazing thing, is that our bodies are sharing this wisdom with us all the time, and all we need to do is to learn to listen.  Part of our journey to being able to receive this information is to learn to trust the wisdom emanating from your body.

When you start learning the language of your body, you will absolutely love the wisdom it shares with you.

The language of the body is far more subtle than that of the mind and the mind has had years of being allowed to be as loud as it wants, and so don’t be surprised if it kicks up a fuss when you stop listening to it all the time. From my experience, I feel the wisdom of my body.  I have learned to tune into it.  To give it the space so that it can come through.  At first it was really challenging to feel it, to notice it, but as I have played with it more and more, it has become easier to feel, easier to know. If you are struggling to connect with your bodies wisdom, you could start by placing your hand on your heart, or your womb area – and start asking your body what it needs, what feels right for it.

Being playful with this is crucial.

You want to bring in a light and fun energy and so start by asking small questions about everyday things, rather than jumping to the big life decisions at first. When you wake up and are wondering what to have for breakfast, place your hand on your body and ask – what do you want?  Then allow your body to speak to you. When I started out, I asked yes/no questions.  Such as – do you want and apple? I would wait for the response, paying close attention to how my body felt in response to this question.  Then I would ask – do you want muesli? Again, I would wait for my bodies response.  I began to feel where one answer resonated more with me than the other.  It was as if one felt better, more aligned with me for that day. Then without questioning or judging, I would eat whatever had felt better for me. Over time, I began learning how my body would communicate with me and so was able to make more and more decisions from my body rather than my mind.  These decisions always felt right.  There was this knowing without knowing. This feel of alignment – with no questioning or doubting coming in. While I still find myself falling back into my mind, I know the language of my body know and I have witnessed how its intelligence, how it’s wisdom has brought amazing gifts into my life.

This wisdom is within you – start playing with it today.

Namaste beautiful soul Lynda