What if I told you:

You’re Energy is Amazing!

The ability for you to receive these words, to absorb the energy of them into your being would depend on where you are at in your soul journey.

I know that in the not too distant past, I would have struggled to receive the glorious energy of these words should someone have shared them with me.

In the past few years, I have been on a mission to help people to recognise that they are AMAZING.  That all they need to do is to let go of all their conditioning, beliefs, habits and patterns, and underneath all of this the truth of who they are will be revealed.  The interesting thing about sharing a message with others, is that in the process of sharing, you yourself begin to accept and receive the message more and more yourself.

Each one of us has an amazing soul light to shine into this world. Your soul light carries with it an amazing energy. An energy that is unique to you, yet something that is deeply needed by the world at this time.

When we can begin to not only recognise our own light, but to shine it freely, amazing things happen.

As I have gone further and further along my spiritual path, down the path of stepping into my soul power, I have noticed that people have begun commenting on the quality of my energy.

They tell me: “I just want to stand next to you all day, because your energy feels amazing”.

When we can get to a place of truly shining our light, and fully stepping into our soul power, others begin to notice. They begin to see something that they recognise deep within themselves.  When people openly recognise my energy, my light, I have learned to show gratefulness, and to allow myself to receive the recognition. I am grateful that I have found my way back to my light and I am proud that I have the courage to hold my light for all to see.

Each one of us has an amazingly unique light to shine, yet so many of us do not.

In my journey I have come to realise that many of us have hidden our light at some point as a means of protecting ourselves from something or someone.  Yet, what I see over time is that the pain of not shining your light is the worst pain you will ever experience in your life.

You have within you the capacity to step into your soul power, to embrace your light.  To shine your brilliant light and share your amazing energy with the world.  The more of us that shine our light and step into our soul power, the more amazing this world will become.

Getting to a place where we can shine our light fully is done one step at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time. In each moment you have an opportunity to step up or to step back.

Choose to step up.
Choose to shine.
Choose to feel your soul power.
Choose to allow love to flow freely in and out of your heart.
You are beautiful
You are amazing.

I see you.