What concepts, beliefs and ideas have you formulated around meditation?

There are so many people that I have met along the way that tell me that they have tried meditating but that it just does not work for them. Taking the time to hear about their experience and why they don’t think it works for them reveals that very often they had a set idea of what meditation is and they just could not fit themselves into that mould.

The struggles and challenges that we all experience along our journey of life are difficult enough. It is easy to see why people don’t want to waste their time on practicing something that does not bring them any benefit.

Why then is there so much out there to demonstrate that meditation brings huge benefits into people’s lives?  Is it worth exploring again? Perhaps you missed something? What if it could transform your life?

I am by no means an expert when it comes to meditation. In fact, many ‘gurus’ would probably have a lot to say and to teach me about the ‘right’ way to meditate.

The practice that I have established in my life which you could label meditation is a conglomeration of things that I learned along the way and things that I have discovered for myself. These are things that I have tried, and if they work I keep them, if they don’t I let them go.

This practice of mine is not static, it actually changes and adapts all the time. The more flexible I am with the practice the more I use it. The more I use it the more benefits I see in my life around me.

So why do I engage in this practice. Why do I make it a priority in my life?

The more that I journey to find myself and to bring into my space the life of my dreams the more I notice how important stillness is.

Stillness and Solitude bring me the space I need to connect to myself, to journey within and find the wisdom I hold within me.

You see, when I don’t practice, things around me start to fall apart and I find resistance and challenges that seem to be insurmountable popping up all around me. However, when I do practice – things in my life just work – simple as that.

In my next blog, I will share with you what benefits my practice brings me.

In the meantime, explore silence and solitude – perhaps there is something waiting there for you.

Until next time.

Sending love and light