I have spent most of my adult life trying to answer these questions. I have poured my life and my energy into perusing any knowledge, information or skill set that would help me to find the answer.

I studied or invested time in trying to understand:

  • Religion,
  • Psychology,
  • Teaching, coaching and training,
  • Alpha mind power,
  • Reiki and energy healing,
  • Pendulum dosing,
  • States of Happiness,
  • Cognitive behavior therapy,
  • The law of attraction,
  • The use of affirmations,
  • Self-healing,
  • Past life regression,
  • Quantum physics,
  • Psychic connections and Mediumship

The list goes on and one. Each one of them contained something useful, and through my own learning and understanding I have been able to guide so many beautiful people along the way.

Yet the answer to my deepest questions never felt fully answered. It always felt as if something was missing.

About a year and a half ago, I discovered Human Design, and I have been diving deeply into my human design experiment for about a year now. While I cannot say that my questions are fully answered yet, I am definitely closer than I have ever been to seeing how life moves around me.  Human Design charts provide you with a map of who you are and what you are here to do in this life.

Your human design chart is an intricate and detailed map showing you every aspect that makes you, you.

Human design does not ask you to believe any of it, in fact, your human design experiment is all about seeing how it works for you.  It is about testing and experimenting and connecting to the truth of who you are, to what is correct for you.

  • Only you can be the authority in your life.
  • Only you can truly know what is correct for you.
  • Only you can express into the world your majestic beauty and uniqueness.
  • Only you can shine the light of you into the world for all to see.

Your unique gifts are needed and you learn to trust that life wants what you have.

For the past 6 months, I have been offering Understanding your Human Design Sessions and I love how deeply the information that I share with my clients resonates with them.

Struggle is a part of human life, yet pain, suffering and resistance to the flow of life do not need to be.

Within Human Design there are some key elements, which when embraced, allow you to experience a life of joy that is in flow with the magic of life. There is a process of beginning to see what is NOT YOU.  Of seeing where you have picked up conditioning along the journey of your life and how this conditioning has distorted and masked who you truly are. Through awareness, you can begin to let go of what is NOT YOU, and can step fully into who you TRULY ARE.

In my own Human Design experiment, I have begun to SEE me in a way that I have never seen myself before.  I am letting go of all that is not me, and finding the rhythm of life that I have always been destined to live.

I am letting go of the pushing and forcing that has been a large theme of my life and instead, I am allowing life to come to me, as it should.

There is this feeling of being exactly where I need to be, and I evaluate my days and my life according to how successful I am at being ME. I don’t have this feeling all the time, as I am still in the process of releasing my own conditioning. Each day brings opportunities for me to BE ME FULLY, and to experience life, trusting that the gifts I have are what the world needs.

There is something truly special about being yourself.

As my journey into my human design experiment continues, there is this sense of stepping into a new dimension, one in which the distortion of the mind no longer controls my actions, no longer directs my life in a way that creates suffering and pain.  I am not aiming to reach a specific destination or outcome, but rather to experience life as it is happening now in a way that is correct for me.  To experience life connected to my own inner wisdom, aligned to and able to deeply express my unique frequency.

If you would like to explore your Human Design, then book an Understanding Your Human Design Session.



Connecting you to your soul power, to your inner guidance, so that you can make decisions that are CORRECT for you and live the life you are DESIGNED to live.