When you have sparkle in your life everything is possible.  Life looks shiny and bright. No matter what people come into your life, what situations you are faced with, what emotions arise, you feel as if you have everything you need to face and deal with these things. Actually you do more than just deal with them, you are able to approach them with joy in your heart, and with a playful attitude.  You see these things as opportunities, and wonder:  “Wow, what has life got in store for me today?”

When you have sparkle, you have energy to do the things that you love and to cope with the things that you don’t love.  You do better than cope in fact, you are able to process these things in a totally different way.

Having sparkle in your day is an amazing way to live.

So take a moment and think about this:  What does sparkle feel like for you?  Don’t resist – just connect into it.  On some level you know exactly what you sparkle is and what it feels like, so go there, allow yourself to connect with this. To feel it.

  • Perhaps it feels like a bubbling of energy.
  • Perhaps there is this excited anticipation for things to come.
  • Take a moment and close your eyes.
  • Connect into a time when you can remember feeling absolutely sparkly.
  • Allow this feeling to fill your entire being.

Another way to connect into your sparkle is to use your imagination.

Think back to your childhood, to a time when you listened to fairy tales.  You know the ones that told tales of fairies and of magic dust.  Be playful here and be willing to go deep into your imagination.

  • Imagine you have a little bag of magic fairy dust.
  • Inside this fairy dust is your sparkle.
  • Take some of this fairy dust and sprinkle it all over you.
  • As the dust settles on your body connect into the magic of it and how amazing you begin feeling.
  • The sparkle dust lifts any heaviness in your energy and allows you to connect into the abundant and exuberant energy that is yours.
  • Feel a lifting and lightening feeling all over your body.
  • Allow any thoughts that hold you in a heavy space to lift off.

Have you noticed that just by imagining and talking about your sparkle how your energy lifts and feels so alive!

Isn’t that amazing?

Our lives are so busy in our modern world.  We have so many distractions and so much going on for us that it can be easy to feel as if we have lost our sparkle.

Now, I don’t believe that your sparkle is ever truly gone.  What happens is that we allow the energy of others things, of life around us, of the tasks we need to complete, of all the to-do lists that we need to complete, all the jobs we need to do,  to sit on top of our sparkle.  All these ‘things’ in our lives become layers upon layers that hide our sparkle away.

The more I work in the field of energy and with what I call our sparkle, I have noticed that if we do absolutely nothing, things will come into our lives and our energy field and just fill it up.  They fill up our space. Our calendars will be full, our days will be full, there will always be someone who needs to speak to us, there will always be something needing our attention.

Then, before we know it all our time is filled with these things that we need to do and these people that we need to see, help or serve.  So it is no wonder that our sparkle gets hidden under all this ‘stuff’ that we need to do.

So the big question here is – if you want to feel you sparkle and connect to it beneath all of this ‘stuff’, what do you need to do?

To have sparkle in your life everyday, you need to have an active practice.

An active practice allows us to prioritise and make space in our day and in our life to connect to our sparkle.  To fill our being with how sparkly and amazing we are.  We actively make the space and time to do this to ensure that all the ‘stuff’ that is in our world doesn’t come in and fill this space.  Because if we do nothing, it will.

Take a moment and think about the last time that you felt sparkly.

  • What were you doing?
  • Who were you with?
  • Where were you?

You see each of these will help you to understand what helps to bring sparkle into your life.

In my life I have identified that being in and around nature is crucial for me to connect to my sparkle.

All the sports and activities I do involve nature and the elements in some form or another.  I love to skydive, to kite surf, to rock climb, snow board, to swim in the ocean, to walk on the beach, to hike in the mountains, to fly off mountains.  I know that when I spend time doing these things and being in nature and playing with the elements in this way that sparkle automatically flows in me, through me and throughout my life.

I feel deeply connected to my sparkle when I take the time to ensure that I am doing something just for me.

As I am sharing this with you, just writing about these experiences, I can feel my sparkle ignite.  You see, I go out and do these things as often as possible allowing myself to experience them in the 3-D world as much as possible, so that when I am sitting here writing this, I can take my mind, my body, my spirit and my soul on a journey and just through my imagination and visualization, I can re-experience this and bring sparkle into my day.

Being able to pull sparkle into my life in this way allows me to have beautiful energy flowing through my life, and through my days.  It helps me to deal with things that are challenging and tough and it allows me to show up and shine in the world in the way that my heart and soul truly desire to show up in.

Having sparkle in your life makes you feel truly alive.

It makes you feel energized.  You feel joyful.  Your feel on purpose. You feel aligned.  You feel centered.  You feel as if you have this beautiful flow in your life.  If you want to serve others, to help others in this world. If you are wanting to connect to people on this magical level then you need to feel and be able to connect to your sparkle. If you try to show in this world and in your work form a place of heavy, low, depleted, sparkle-less energy, you can never show up as your true self, your authentic self.   Without your sparkle, something is missing.  This alive quality about you will be missing.

Your sparkle is so important!

  • Connect to it.
  • Spend some time journalling about it, so you understand more of how to bring it into your life, and what takes it away.
  • Take time to remember what brings sparkle into your life.

Then make a choice, a decision to have more of it in your life.  Be aware of how your sparkle energy feels in your energetic system, in your physical system, in your emotional system. Then carry that beautiful, amazing and sparkly energy throughout your day.

Get playful, get curious, and allow yourself the space and time to really understand what your sparkle is and how to bring it into your life each and every day.

Sending you love and light







Connecting you to your Heart & Soul