Thinking and intellectual capacity are important and they have a place and a purpose.

The issue with our intellectual and thinking minds is that they take over. They tend to become the rulers of our day to day lives and often our world.

So many people that I connect with spend so much of their time in their minds and they are struggling to find the deeper answers that they are so intently wanting to find.

The reason that we struggle to find these deeper answers is that they do not exist in the realm of the mind. Trying to find these answers in the realm of the mind is pointless, as the mind will never have all the pieces to the puzzle.

Mind Puzzle

Working in the mind

To connect to a deeper knowing, you need to connect to a more infinite source of wisdom, a place that is tuned into the larger overview of life. A wisdom that sees and knows all the pieces to the puzzle. It is a place that is your gateway to your intuitive wisdom, and to the deeper answers that you are seeking.

Everyone at some point in their lives has connected to this place. They may not consciously know that they have done this, or how to connect when they want and need to. What I do know though is that when you start to learn to identify and work with this deeper space you will be able to connect to the guidance that you are seeking.


How can you connect to this place?


To help you start finding your way to this place I want you to try this:


  • I want you to think back to a time when you just knew exactly what to do.
  • You didn’t need to debate what to do, you just knew.
  • You didn’t need to make a list of pro’s and con’s.
  • You didn’t need to ask 20 people what they thought about it.
  • You just knew what to do.
  • You knew it from somewhere deep inside of you.


Take a moment to think back to a time like this.


  • Once you have identified something, I want you to close your eyes and feel into your body.
  • I want you to try to get a sense of where in your body you felt this knowing coming from.
  • For some it is in their gut, for others it is where their heart is.
  • Feel deeply into this feeling – remember where it is and how it felt.


This is the place where your intuitive wisdom comes from. It is the place where your higher self speaks to you and guides you. This is the wisdom that comes from your heart space.

Being able to recognise this place and the feeling that comes with it is how you can begin connecting to it more regularly.

Where is your Heart Space?

Where is your Heart Space?

We all connect to our heart space at certain points in our life and if you did nothing more, you would still be able to connect to it. What you might find though is that the connect is random, and when you really need it you won’t be able to find it.


Is your heart space hidden behind a smoke screen?

Is your heart space hidden?

Is your heart space hidden?

Most people want connection to higher wisdom, yet they do not take the time to tune into and to listen to this wisdom.

If you want the guidance to come into your life clearly, then you need to dedicate time to getting out of your mind and into your heart space.

If you don’t do this, the connection to your heart space will feel as if it is fading into the distance and it will be as if it is hidden behind the smoke screen created by your mind.

You will not be able to see, hear or know this guidance and more than likely your life will continue to feel a mess and as if you are not finding your way to your true alignment and purpose in this life.

Yes, it will take work to clear the smoke screen, and to find your way back to the guidance that is flowing all the time. The work though is so, so worth it and I can highly recommend putting in the time and effort to find your way to this connection.

The more you connect to and work with your heart space the clearer the guidance will come through. You will start to notice how things in your life just seem to work and how miracles appear everywhere you go.


Are you ready to take the time to connect?


If you are ready to take the time to connect to your heart space, then I would be more than happy to guide you through finding and connecting to your heart space.

In a one and one session, I will be able to get a sense of your heart space and can bring through guidance on what the best way is for you to connect to and strengthen your connection with your heart space.

We just need to help you see the way, and then you can spend the time you need to, to forging a clear pathway to this space and to allowing your own guidance to flow through.

Finding your way to your heart space.

Finding your way to your heart space.

You are so worth this journey!


I love seeing people find their way to their own intuitive guidance and aligning themselves to their true soul’s purpose.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you find your way to your heart space.


Sending you light and love.