I woke up this morning with an agitated feeling in my heart. I went to meditate but this feeling was dominating my experience. I started out by just wanting it to go away and started getting a bit grumbly because I was having a difficult experience.

This led me to wonder – what is about us that causes us to focus on certain things and why we go about it in this way. For example:

  • We go out for a meal and it ends up costing a fair bit of money and we walk away from the experience talking about how the meat wasn’t cooked quite to perfection and how the waiter wasn’t as attentive as we liked. We talk about how for that kind of money we really should have had better food and better service.
  • We spend months trying to organise the best deal on car hire for in upcoming trip and despite having hired with a company in the past there just does not seem to be any special treatment. Their prices are higher than everyone else’s and the inclusions are less than everyone else’s. You get all grumbly about how they are ripping you off and how the people that work for them just don’t seem to know what they are doing.

I could go on and on with stories like this.

What do they all tell me?

They tell me that I am focusing on the things that I didn’t get from these situations and interactions. They tell me that I am focusing on the lack within my life.

We do we do this? Why is it so much easier for us to focus on what we don’t have than on what we do have?

Just writing this and thinking about these stories, I am tuning into my body to see what remembering them stirs up within my energy field within my physical body.

  • I feel a heaviness within my body, within my energy.
  • It is like a sinking feeling in my heart.
  • Almost like a wave of sadness that sweeps over me.
  • It doesn’t feel good at all.
  • If I really concentrate and focus in on this, I start to feel quite miserable.
  • I get this sense of sinking into a place that I don’t really want to be in.

Most often what happens is that we end of sinking into this place without even realising it. We only become aware that we have descended into it when we are either miserable, we start to take out what’s going on inside of us out on other people around us, or we get sick.

What if we started to focus on the things that we really enjoyed and gained from the experiences and interactions we have.

To focus on the parts of the meal we really enjoyed and how we loved the atmosphere in the Restaurant or how beautiful the lighting was. If we focused on how the car hire story led to doing some more research and thus I could secure a way better deal with another company.

So back to my meditation – instead of wanting the feeling to go away I started tuning into it and trying to find out what it was all about. I welcomed it and thanked it for coming into my awareness and allowing me to notice that something was not right. That in some way I had started focusing on the things that I don’t want in my life. Once I did this I moved from a place of seeming powerlessness into a place of empowerment. From this place, I could make a choice. A choice to do things differently. To change my focus onto the things I do have and what I do want in my life rather than what I don’t have and what I don’t want around me.

The more I tune into my body and the sensations, feelings and movements of energy within and around me the easier it becomes for me to recognise when things are not in alignment. When things are not serving my highest good. This awareness allows me to correct and re-calibrate myself into the vibration and frequency that serves me best.

Awareness is one of the keys to helping you unlock this wisdom, this absolutely helps you to recognise that you have stepped out of alignment. From this place, you can begin to make the changes you need and want in your life.

Sending love and light.