Just stop and think about that question for a moment.

Where is your connected place?

Let me rephrase that. Instead of thinking about where it might be, it would be better to connect to the feeling of it. In what place, do you feel the most connected?

Maybe you are unsure of what I mean when I speak about being connected. So perhaps this will help you.

Is there a place that you go to, where you feel calm, relaxed and at peace? When you are there, you have this overall good feeling. While you are there, you just feel in a blissful state, just absorbing the surroundings and being fully submerged into the beauty of each moment. Those things from your day to day life that have been troubling you just seem to melt away.

Is a place coming to mind now?

We all have a place like this. For many people, they don’t even realise it. They go to this place to recharge to re-centre. To connect and to find themselves again. They go to this place to bring clarity and peace to their world, to their day.

I am sure you have one in mind now. More than likely, it will be a magnificent place in nature. A place that just totally recharges you and allows you to take on the world once you have been there. Where is your connected place?

This is your connected place. Why do I keep calling it the connect place I hear you asking?

I call it the connected place because this is the place that reconnects you to the core of who you are and what you must do in this life. The nature of our lives in our busy worlds is that we get cluttered. We attach to so many things from the world around us that are not ours, that are not us. The more we attach to ourselves the more difficult it is to recognise what is ours. The longer we hold onto this clutter, the more it begins to feel like it is ours – but it is not.

Our connected places, is usually a high-energy place. A place that can remove all the clutter around us and even if it is for a moment, we are reconnected to the truth of who we are. As we connect to this we find clarity and peace.

So where do you feel connected? Where is the place you go to where you can find your centre? Where you can connect to your own inner wisdom? The place where you feel calm and can let go of the rest of the world? The place where you find the answers you need? And, how often to do visit this place?

One of the places that I feel most connected is at the beach. I love the smell. The sound of the ocean. The feel of the sand on my feet and the breath taking beauty of it all. All my senses are engaged. Engaged in the magic of the place. I switch off to my day to day troubles. The weights of the world seem to float off leaving nothing but the core of me. Serenity washes over me and I can find peace and calm within my physical body. From this place, I begin to feel my connection strengthening. My connection opens and my inner wisdom begins to flow. The answers to the questions that I have been grappling with suddenly pop into my awareness. I just love being in this place and am so grateful for the clarity and wisdom I can connect to when I visit it.

The interesting thing though, is there are periods in my life where I somehow ‘forget’ to visit my connected place and the ‘stuff’ of life will just begin to build and build until it becomes too much to bear. I will be struggling through life and wondering why things seems so difficult, so upside down and so complicated.

We all seem to do this at one point or another. We abandon the things that bring us connection because we are too busy, or because we have too much to do. Eventually though, things will get unbearable and the only way to find your way back to your centre is to reconnect.

If you haven’t visited your connected place for a while, then go. Go there and allow the energy of the place to cleanse you. Allow your energy to be restored and replenished. The more layers of the world you have allowed to pile on the more time you will need to spend visiting your connected space space so that you can reconnect. As you wash away and cleanse, you will begin to make space for clarity and wisdom to come through. This is where you will start to connect to the answers that you are seeking.

The more connected I am, the more aligned my life is and the more things move and flow in the directions that speak to my heart. That make me smile and makes me bounce out of bed with joy.

If you don’t have a connected place yet, then I would highly recommend that you seek one out and visit it often. Being connected to your inner wisdom is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself.

Have a magical day.