What makes the country that you live in feel like home?  And how does this sense of belonging, or feeling like a place is home, affect your energy and your ability to thrive?

It seems that being born in a country does not automatically create this feeling.

So what is it then?


This month it is 10 years since I left the country of my birth and so I have been contemplating these questions.

I left the country of my birth because I no longer felt safe to live there – physically, emotionally, financially and economically. I felt as if there was this looming threat to my existence and to my success as a person, as a home owner and as a business woman.

For the longest time, even amidst some of the chaos that was happening there, I really did feel like I belonged there. Yet, in the end, I left because of these threats.  I no longer felt that I could live there under those circumstances. The threats were affecting my energy and my ability to thrive.

I also realised that for the past 10 years, I had been using these as reasons (excuses) as to why I could never return to my home country.

As a result, it meant that my energy was still tied to the land of my birth.  I was energetically torn.  Part of me wishing that things would change so that I could go back.

This has led to so much torment and pain within me.  This feeling of having something missing from my life.  This feeling of not truly feeling that I had accepted this new place as my home.  This deep sense of loss.

By allowing my energy to still be tied to the country of my birth I have been creating painful suffering.  I have been holding my energy out of flow.  I have been limiting my ability to thrive.

I decided it was time to truly face this and to search my soul. What if all these reasons magically disappeared – would I go back?

If you had asked me this question a week ago I would have answered yes!  But as I dug a but deeper I found something amazing….

I have changed.

  • How I used to live and what was normal for me is no longer true.
  • I am no longer part of that collective consciousness.
  • I can no longer live within certain societal and cultural norms.
  • The stark contrast and massive divisions no longer sit right with me.
  • The levels of poverty and injustices are not something I I could be surrounded by on a daily basis.
  • The devastation of and disregard for the health of the planet I could no longer continually witness.
  • There is a misalignment now with the moral and ethical fibre of that place and my energy.

With these realisations I now have a choice….


Do I want the country I live in to be my home – to truly feel like my home?  And if I do then I need to answer the question – what makes a place feel like home and then make it so.

When I can do this is when my energy will align, I will be in flow and I will truly thrive.

As I reflect on my energy, I realise that I have been in an energetic limbo of sorts, caught between two worlds. Having your roots on one country while you are living in another is torturous. It inflicts pain and suffering and it is impossible to take the steps you need in order to find fulfilment, contentment, happiness, peace, success and abundance. It is impossible to truly find your path, your purpose when your energy is divided in this way.

So why have I allowed my energy to be split in this way for so long?

Does pulling up our roots from one country mean that we are abandoning it? Forsaking it? Does it mean that we will lose a part of ourselves forever?

Whatever the reasons are for keeping our roots in one place while we reside in another, I know that for me it has led to a fractured energy, to a confusion of self. It feels like misalignment and a feeling of energetic incompleteness.

Today, I am making a choice to reclaim my energy. To bring all of me into wholeness and alignment. I am working with my energy and my roots to gratefully release from one place and reclaim all that I am into wholeness.

South Africa, I love you.

You are the place of my birth. You taught me so much and gifted me with unbelievable beauty and abundance. You will never be forgotten and I will always be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I reclaim all that is me.

I choose wholeness of self, and wholeness of my energy. From this place of wholeness I have clarity. From this place of wholeness I feel me, I see me. From this place of wholeness I can recognise my path, my purpose. From this place of wholeness I can make energetically aligned choices for the highest good.

Is it in my highest good to place my roots within the land of Australia?

Visions flood my mind of what is to come. I feel an opening and expansion of my energy. A shiver runs through my body as my inner authority says YES!

Thank you Australia for welcoming me, I can feel your ancient wisdom.

I trust that you will guide me, that you will clearly show me how to connect deeply with you. I am ready to know you more. I am ready to embrace your energy and all the wonderous gifts you have to share with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will continue to allow myself to be guided by this land and I will take the time to connect within me to understand deeply what home feels like for me.

So far I have connected into – a place feels like home when:

  • I can feel connected to the place and to the people around me.
  • I feel part of a network.
  • I have people to meet up with and chat about life.
  • I am helping others to grow and to shift vibrationally and it feels as if my work is valued, appreciated and makes a difference.
  • People recognise, know and appreciate the value I bring.
  • I can lead and be seen as a leader.
  • I can feel energetically connected to the land.
  • The land speaks to my soul.
  • I feel aligned to and deeply rooted to the land.
  • I welcome the place into my heart
  • I choose to accept it as my home.
  • I am grateful to the core of my being for where I am.
  • I listen to the sounds of nature, and they talk to my soul.

Are you are feeling an confusion and fracturing of your energy?

Take the time to consider:

  • Where is your energy?
  • Is there any part of you that you need to reclaim?
  • Where are your roots?
  • What is home for you?

I see you.

Namaste Beautiful Soul

Lynda Gaiao
Guiding questioning hearts and mind’s to find their way.