Why is ME time so Important?

As a natural giver, someone who is always there for others, it can be really difficult to prioritise time for yourself.

The dynamic of helping others without filling up your own cup will ultimately leave you with depleted energy.

Me time is one way for you to really nourish your spirit and your soul.

On an energetic level, it is really hard for us to welcome new clients into our businesses if our own energy is low and our soul and spirit is not nourished.

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In this post, I share how you can fill your cup to overflowing so that you can welcome gorgeous energy into your space and attract new clients into your business.

Hello, beautiful people, my name is Lynda Gaiao. Welcome to this episode where we going to be chatting about Me Time.

If you are and natural giver and a natural server of people and you’re always out there helping others, then it is very likely that Me Time can be a bit of little of a struggle for you.  We will so quickly forfeit our Me Time and step up to help others. We are genuinely concerned with all those out there that need our help that we don’t get to feature much in that picture.

As an entrepreneur in the space of giving, sharing, teaching and healing, a common issue is not having enough clients.

I believe that Me Time and not having enough clients are directly linked.

“Why?”  you might ask me.

Well from an energy perspective, when we don’t put ourselves first and we don’t nourish our own souls, how can we possibly share and give to people in the most authentic, beautiful, heart centred, light shining way?

When you’re depleted on the inside you are essentially pushing clients away from you.

Clients (subconsciously and energetically) don’t want to come into your space because they’re not going to get the beautiful light person that you on the inside.  They are not going to get your soul aspects coming through.

Me Time is extremely important and I’m going to share with you today some ideas around why I believe Me Time is important and how you can bring this more into your life and into your business.

You may have heard of the analogy: Having your cup full. Or a cup half full / half empty.

The common concept about having your cup full is that when you want to share and give to others you need to tip your cup over. Each time you give, you tip a little more from your cup.  The problem with this way of giving is that there’s a limited supply in the cup and ultimately the cup ends empty.

As a healer, teacher or a coach you would have more than likely felt what an empty cup feels like. You get to the end of your day and you are totally exhausted.  You feel totally depleted.  It is as if all your energy is gone.  You may even feel as if your energy is heavy, as if you are walking around your day-to-day life and you are struggling to get up, you are struggling to just do the basics.  Never mind all the healing, giving and sharing that you need to do.

I would like to share with you a different viewpoint around the concept of the cup and sharing.

In this version, the cup is fixed.  It cannot tip in any direction. It stands firmly upright – always. The only way for you to give from this cup is by filling it up so much that it’s overflowing.  It is from this overflow that you share and give to your clients.

You might be wondering how do we get to this place where our cup is so full that it’s overflowing?

This is where Me Time comes in.  When we nourish ourselves, when we give to ourselves what we deeply desire and need, we fill ourselves up from the inside. In this way we are able to fill ourselves up to overflowing and we can get to a place where we can give from the over flow.

It is so important for you to be doing this if you want to attract clients into your space.

What is Me Time?

Me Time is a little bit different for each one of us because different things nurture each of our souls, depending on who we are. What I would encourage you to do, is to make a list and:

Discover what is important for you.
What is totally nourishing and uplifting.
What renews your soul and brings sparkle into your life.
Have a list of at least fifty different things that you can draw at different times.  The idea is to weave through Me Time within your day to day life.  Have a mix of really short quick things that you can do when you’re really busy and other more substantial practices that you can go to when you’ve got more time.

During Me Time:

The only person that is receiving, the only person that is important is yourself.
There should be no distractions or disruptions.
There should be no one who needs your help.
There should be no one who is going to come and ask you a question.
No one that you need to serve.
Without this you could easily get into a unhealthy give and receive dynamic.  It’s so important for you to have Me Time that is hundred-percent just for you. Whatever you do during your Me Time needs to feel nourishing, uplifting and supportive.

One of the things I have noticed is that people understand intellectually that Me Time is important and when they take Me Time, energetic they feel the difference.  The issue comes in when they do not ensure that they dedicate time on a regular basis for Me Time.  It comes down to prioritising Me Time and making sure that you have Me Time scheduled in your life and you actually do it.

Perhaps you could consider framing the importance of Me Time in this way:  if you had an important person that you’ve been wanting to meet up with for a long-time and they called you up and said hey guess what I can meet up but I can only meet tomorrow at eight o’clock.  Assuming this person is important to you, and perhaps they are even a role model to you, you would do whatever you could in your power to ensure that your schedule is cleared and you can be there to meet this person at eight o’clock.  You would be there, on time and you would be fully attentive during that time, fully there, in the present moment because you know how important this is to you.

What I want to implore you to do, is to give the same level of importance, and priority to you, to your Me Time.  When your scheduled Me Time in your calendar pops up, that you do everything in your power to ensure that it happens.

If you need to enlist the help of people in your life to ensure that it does happen then this is what you should be doing. If you have a problem with receiving help then go and check out my post around giving and receiving because there is some juicy information in there as well.  You want to get into the space where you can prioritise Me Time. Where you actually take it and can spend the time nurturing yourself, filling your light, filling yourself up. Then when you step into the world of being a healer, teacher, a light worker and a coach, you can step in with this amazing beautiful, fullness of energy.  You can give from the overflow.

If you have any stories about how you’ve stepped into you Me Time space. Or perhaps you would like to share some of the juicy Me Time things on your list.  I would love to hear about these.

It’s been such a beautiful pleasure to chat with you today my name is Lynda Gaiao.  It’s my honour to share this message with you around connecting you to your heart so that you can hear the messages of your soul.

Namaste Everyone.