How are you managing your energy and your power?

How are you staying balanced and maintaining your full power?

I am talking here about managing your personal energy and power that is in alignment with oneness.

We are energy and we hold an energetic vibration. In fact, everything is energy and everything has some form of energetic vibration.

We are constantly connecting to and exchanging energy with all things around us. People, plants, animals, crystals, the earth, water and words to name a few. In these exchanges, we take energy and we give energy.

For most of us, what happens, is we drop into these unconscious exchanges – and we even become dependent on some of them. We end up in this place where we are no longer aware of what energy is ours and what energy belongs to others.

It becomes unhealthy when we either constantly take away others energy OR, consistently give away our own energy. There is this play of empowering and dis-empowering through these types of exchanges.

One could start to point fingers as to why these unhealthy and dis-empowering exchange happen. Fear is one reason that is often high on the list. Remember that fear is often a guise for many other emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred. When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the energy of these emotions and feelings rather than allowing them to flow through us. When we react rather than observe. This is when we get into these unhealthy energy exchanges and where we move out of alignment.

Ultimately though, the energy vibration that you hold is a choice.

You have the responsibility of choosing what you do with your energy and how you maintain and hold your energy in alignment and balance.

When one allows themselves the time to integrate and realign so that they can respond from a place of clarity and wisdom. It is from this place, that they can respond in an authentic way without allowing the pain to affect them, without allowing people to affect them.

We can begin to see fear as a messenger. It is a normal and natural part of being a human being, we just need to make different choices about what we do with it.

Fear really can empower or destroy you.

Once you begin to learn and understand the message it has for us, the call to action that it is making we begin to reclaim our power and energy and bring ourselves into balance.

A wonderful place to start is setting boundaries – healthy boundaries. A healthy boundary is one that keeps you in your power centre. That keeps you in alignment and balance. When we set, and maintain healthy boundaries in our lives, we create clarity, purpose and direction and we begin to start working from the heart space.

Without these boundaries, we allow other people’s energy to enter our space and bring us out of alignment.

To begin setting healthy boundaries you could start with something like:

  • Everyone in my life respects me.
  • I surround myself with people who uplift me.
  • I ensure that my self-talk is uplifting and positively affirming.
  • I choose partners who love me unconditionally.

By setting these boundaries we begin to rise above the negative aspects of our lives and we begin to change the lens through which we view the world. This in return begins to change our reality and step by step we begin to reclaim our power, our energy and maintain our alignment with oneness.

Each day you need to make a commitment to yourself to bring yourself back into balance.

As you find balance in your life you will notice that you feel calmer and clearer. The decision you make and the life you begin to live from this place is so much healthier, so much more fulfilling.

Each day, do whatever you can to put yourself into a state of being that lifts you up, that brings you the life you want.

When we begin to make these changes within ourselves, we will notice that the world around us begins to change too.

Start releasing other people’s energy from your field (with love) and start reclaiming the energy that you have given away. As you begin to reclaim your energy you will find clarity, strength and personal power returning to you.

There are so many wonderful ways to connect you more to your awareness of what is going in within you.

Sending love and light.