What is your impact on others?

Do you even care?

We are all taught to “try to be nice people”, to do “good” and to “make” something of our lives that will have a lasting impact on the world.  Yet it can often feel as if our “good deeds” go unnoticed, we feel no recognition for them, and sometimes they even lead to a massive slap in the face. 

While being good, doing good and trying to make a lasting impact on the world might sound like a wonderful sentiment, it could set you up for massive failure, doubt and suffering.

We are all taught to strive for what is “right” and what is “good”. But what does that even mean?

Is what is right for you right for me?

Possibly, but quite probably not!

When we are striving and pushing to do what we “think” is right and good based on societal norms and conventions, we are generally not listening to that part deep within us, that knows what is correct and good for us.

We spend our lives “trying” to be what we “think” is a “good” person, doing “good” things in the world. Yet if we ourselves do not feel satisfied, successful, peaceful and in awe as a result of this, we are opening ourselves up to a world of suffering.

Living through this lens means that we are never really connected to the truth of who we are.

While Human Design is not the only way to connect to your true nature, to your unique life force energy, it is one of the best ways I have discovered on my journey.

The more I delve into the world of Human Design, and connect to the unique energy of individuals, the more I am beginning to see that there really is no one like you.  

You are unique!

To be unique means that ONLY YOU can know your unique life force energy.  ONLY YOU can fulfill a life purpose that is tailor made just for you, with your unique qualities, skills and talents.

To live out this life purpose you need to:

  • be connected to your core life force energy.
  • be able to listen to that part of you that knows the way.
  • let go of all that is telling you to do or be something that is not aligned to your unique life force energy.

As you begin Living your Human Design it can be super scary.

Most people are faced with the fact that most of their lives they have been living a lie.

  • They have been behaving and acting how they thought they should or how others wanted them to.
  • They have been doing what they thought other people wanted.
  • They have been ignoring that voice within them that has been guiding them.
  • They have disconnected from their life force energy.
  • They are so far away from their life purpose that they are quite often deeply miserable.
  • They are afraid of what might happen if they just allow their body to guide the way.
  • It feels as if they are losing control.
  • It feels as if the world, the reality they have been living in begins to crumble and fall away.
  • They can feel really alone.

All of these are AWESOME signs. They tell you that you are letting go of all that is not you.  All that has been holding you back.  All that has been preventing you from connecting to your true nature. You are waking up to the TRUTH of who you are. Your AWARENESS is opening up.

Impact through the distortion of the mind

While we are living through a distorted and deluded conditioning field. One where the mind is telling us who we should be and how we should act and behave, we will continuously meet resistance.  People will push against us, and we will be met with suffering along our path.

We will see cycle after cycle of the same issues reoccurring in our lives.  Patterns of behaviour that create suffering in our lives.  Like having angry people show up in our lives again and again. Our where we can never make long lasting friends. Our where people always seem to take advantage of our kindness and generosity.

When we are trapped in these cycles we find ourselves “trying” to a be a “good” person, doing “good” things and for a while we might feel as if we have done just that. Then at some point it always seems to be thrown back in our faces.  Someone will just push us to far, or we will push ourselves too far.  You can easily see that when we are in this space of the delusion, working from the mind, even if we think we are doing good things and having a “good” impact on others, the life force energy is just not there to back it up. Without the life force energy, the impact that we have on others is distorted.

How do we truly impact others?

True and lasting impact comes from a very different space. 

In fact, wanting to have impact or trying to “do” good is not even at the forefront. Having a profound and transformation impact on someone else is the magical by-product of something truly magnificent.

Within each one of us is a unique life force energy.  It contains within it everything to live the life for which you were designed.  It is your life purpose. 

It is your true nature. 

  • When you let go of the conditioning that has been ruling and controlling your life.
  • When you become aware of that wise guide within you.
  • When you face the fears that emerge as your reality transforms around you.
  • As you embrace that fiery energy residing within you.
  • As you begin to embrace your true nature.
  • As you allow your life force energy to emerge and thrive.

Your body moves in way that is correct for YOU.  You find yourself in the right places, with the right people, and in the right environments.  Those people that are correct for you just show up.  They are not there to “get” anything from you.  Yet an energy exchange begins to occur. An energy exchange that comes from the core of you – it has nothing to do with your mind. This energy exchange feels vibrant, alive and perfectly aligned.

When you live from this place is when you have a deep and lasting impact on others. 

Everything else is just lip service in comparison.

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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