Nourishment encompasses many things. And we really need to understand what we as individuals need for our own growth, for our own health, for our own care, because when we can identify what is healthy for us. What is correct for us. What is aligned for us, and when we start with nourishment, first with ourselves and then sharing with others we really can anchor into our life that brings a deeper sense of fulfillment for us. Nourishment is something that you practice, something that becomes part of your daily life, part of your daily routine. Implementing practices into your daily routine that can bring this element of nourishment for you.

Nourishment for the body

You want practices that enable you to nourish your:


  • mind,
  • intellect,
  • energy,
  • body,
  • soul,
  • health,
  • relationships with the people that are most important to you in your life.

When you can encompass all of these areas from a reference point of nourishment, watching as the benefits of these practices flow organically into everything that you do – is quite magical in a way.

How does nourishment work?

Nourishment really needs to start with yourself. Because if you are in a place of watching the world around you and feeling that you need to care for, provide for, help other people, yet you are energetically drained, you actually have no resources at your disposal, and you’re essentially giving what you don’t have. It’s almost like you’re taking away from what you need to give to others. What this ends up doing is leaving you in an unnourished and uncared for state. For nourishment to be most effective. For nourishment to work the most efficiently, one needs to begin with ourselves and these questions around what is important to you and what practices do you need in your daily life to feel deeply nourished is the best place to start.

Examples of nourishment

Let’s look at some examples of nourishment.

Nourishment for the body:

When it comes to the body, nourishment for the body includes:

  • Food that supports your body. Now I’m not someone that would advocate for dieting, or a rigid structure around food because we’re all unique and our bodies are all so different. Yes, there are so many great thought leaders around food, but it’s really important to understand what nourishes your body, what brings your body into optimal health and aligning to food that really supports you.
Nourishment for the body
  • High quality water is essential as part of nourishment. Our bodies are made up of such a large component of water and so having high quality water in your body on a daily basis is also a foundation for nourishment.
  • Movement and exercise that works for you and doesn’t put your body into fight or flight mode is also essential. Many people may have this concept of needing to have high energy, very fast pace, cardiovascular energy in their bodies. But actually, what you might find is those activities put your body into a stressed state and actually bring more dis-ease and unhealth into your body. When you can focus on exercise that is really optimal for you. Maybe its core foundational exercises, strength building versus cardiovascular. And so, knowing what movement and exercise really supports your body is essential.
  • When we are looking at nourishment for the body, we also want to understand what mixture of stillness and activity creates balance for us. Some people need more activity, others need more stillness, yet all of us need an element of both and what is the optimal balance for you between stillness and activity.

Nourishment for the mind

Another example of nourishment is nourishment for the mind.

  • When we can attend to the garden of the mind, making sure that there are no weeds taking hold i.e. destructive thoughts, destructive thought patterns, destructive conditioning elements which take control of our lives and put us into autopilot and getting to this place where we can let go of these thoughts and these ideas and these belief systems that essentially do not serve us.
Nourishment for the mind
  • Another way that we can bring nourishment for the mind is aligning with thought leaders that uplift and support you and support those that serve you. Not following people blindly or not giving away your own authority for others. But essentially nourishing the mind and your intellect by surrounding yourself but with thought leaders that feel uplifting, feel wholesome for you.

Nourishment for the soul

What about the soul? How do we bring nourishment for the soul. 

  • When we can understand what our shadows are, what the conditioning elements that we have really absorbed into our being as part of being a human being and how this derails you in life, how this pulls you off track. And then when you have that awareness and that ability to see that and notice that you begin to align to activities that instead of bringing you frustration and anger and bitterness and disappointment. You rather aligned to activities in life that bring this deep, deep sense of satisfaction and really aligned success, peacefulness, and delight.
  • Another way we can bring in nourishment for the soul is connecting with high vibe people that bring a sense of fulfillment into your life. We are not here to connect with everybody in anybody. We’re only here to connect with very specific people. And when you can know from within you, who those people are, those people that bring co-responsibility to uplift and support one another. You share your journey with them in a very supportive and wholesome way. These are the types of people that you want to connect with.
  • To truly nourish your soul. You really need to be doing work that you love. Work that is aligned to what you are passionate about what is meaningful and purposeful for you. In my experience, anyone can run a business and people can bring financial rewards into their lives through the businesses that they run. But at what expense. If you’re just working to pay the bills. If you’re just working because you feel like you have to, or you’re forced to. What happens here is the nourishment aspect starts to disintegrate in your life because you’re working against your natural flow. And you really want to align to your natural flow to what is meaningful, purposeful what to enter into in life that really enlivens and alight your spirit.
Nourishment for relationships

Nourishment vitality and wellness

Another example of nourishment is nourishment of vitality and wellness and really understanding what supports you energetically in this life. What brings a sense of vitality and wellness into your day. We’ve all been around people or in environments that literally feel as if they are sapping the vitality out of us and when we can be aware of these things, we can start to focus our attention and our time and go to places that energetically support us and bring this nourishment of vitality and wellness into our days.


What are the nourishment benefits?

I feel that if you really contemplate the benefits of nourishment in your own life, you will quickly see that when you put these practices into place that support you in all these different ways. 

Nourishment for your mind, nourishment for your intellect, your energy, your body, your soul, your health, your relationships. When you have these nourishment practices in your life, the benefits become clearly obvious. When you ignore nourishment, and you give without receiving, you constantly take from your resources to give to others, but you don’t replenish your own. What you will see happening there is energy fading. This listlessness for life instead of a vitality for life.

And so I’d encourage you to really look at what the benefits are for you and to enrol yourself in daily practices that support you with that.

What nourishment does:

What nourishment does is really support you to be the best version of yourself. And if you feel called to, I would love for you to share any examples or stories of nourishment in your life and how you feel that you’ve benefited from that.

Nourishment in the context of the celebration of Easter:

This month, we are going to be celebrating Easter around the world and for those of us in the southern hemisphere we’re going into autumn yet, as many will know Easter is symbolic of birth and renewal because in the northern hemisphere, it’s about spring.

Interestingly, some of the original findings for the root of where the word Easter comes from is about “a dawn”.  It’s like a new beginning and a new day. And rather than going down the road of talking about religion, what I really wanted to share with you here is the concept of renewal the concept of birth the concept of a new beginning of a dawn because ultimately in every moment of every day, we have this possibility for renewal, for rebirth, for coming to a new day, a new dawning in each moment. And really, when you bring your focus and your attention to and your awareness to this wonderful opportunity of having a new dawn, a new day, a new birth in every moment. Ultimately what that means is that we can align ourselves to these nourishment practices. These ways of bringing nourishment into our lives in a continuous way, rather than an ad hoc way or every now and again. And what you’ll find is as you do this, these nourishing activities on an ongoing basis in this way, it becomes a part of who you are, it becomes a way of life. And you essentially get to release. you get to let go of so many things that so many people hold on to all the time.

Another aspect of Easter is that traditionally there’s a 40-day practice leading up to Easter. And whether you celebrate Easter or not, if you look at 40 Day practices both in eastern and western philosophies, and traditions. What you’ll see is that there is actually very something very powerful about focusing your energy on something particular in this way. When you look at research around shifting behaviours and patterns, you know, they talk about doing something for 21 days consecutively, to really override an old pattern with a new one. Yet when you do something for 40 days, it’s almost even more powerful than 21 days. You could do a mantra practice. You could do some kind of visualization practice. You could do some kind of focusing practice, a stillness, practice, a food and mood practice. There are so many beautiful ways to bring nourishment as a way of living and being into your life by starting out with a 40-day practice and bringing some light into your life that becomes a way of living as opposed to something that you wish was part of your being.


What does nourishment mean?

Nourishment is really starting with yourself. Feeling as if your cup is filled to overflowing, to a point where for you to share, to support to help others feels effortless, because you feel so nurtured in your mind, in your intellect, in your energy in your body, in your soul, in your health and your relationships. And I would really encourage you to make nourishment at the core of your daily practices, so that it becomes a way of living.

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