I want to share this amazing video with you. I think it is fabulous how this has been put together.

Once you have watched please read further …

Pretty cool!! I just love the symbolism and the relevance!

When we see it like this, we can clearly see that it is the boxes that we place ourselves and others in that keep us disconnected from the truth of who we are.

Each time we create a label for someone else, or we accept a label for ourselves we are creating an us and them mentality.

It is precisely this type of boxing and labeling that causes us to condemn others, to judge them to avoid socialising with them. It keeps us separated.

The absolute beauty about this video is that it demonstrates that if we actually took the time to look deeper, we would find that we all have something in common.

That we all have something we share.

I understand that we are in physical bodies and that so much about how we live, are educated and how our physical reality manifests around us creates this feeling of being separated.

What happens if this is all an illusion?  What if we are really all the same?

In my work with energy, connection and intuition, I see more and more that this is true. If you get right down to it – we are all the same. We are all energy and therefore are all the same.

The more we learn to connect with this subtle realm beyond the physical the more we can begin to feel and know this connectedness between all things.

It is a magical space to connect with the wonders that begin appearing in your life and all around you when you do, are so with the effort it takes to learn how to connect with this space.

Sending love and light