What is Human Design & BG5?

These videos introduce you to this amazing system and how to live your design aligned to success.

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What is BG5?

BG5 is the Career and Business Application of the Human Design System. It is Human Design for Business.

You get insider access to understanding the hidden dynamics within teams, large business environments and how to step up as an authentic and unique leader.

Anyone can run a business, but when you can connect to your meaning and purpose, not only in your life but in the lives of all those you touch through the work you do - this is real success!

What is human design?

Human Design is a blend of eastern wisdom and modern science. It guides you to trust your "knowing" and find your inner compass in life. It is a pathway to deep self-love and awakening.

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BG5 for success

BG5 Consulting

This is for business individuals, teams and business leaders and those wanting to delve into partnership and team dynamics. The approach is based on finding practical solutions to the problems you are encountering in your career, your business and in your team dynamics.  Leaders learn how to optimise their unique leadership style.

Human Design Sessions

Prefer a more esoteric approach?

Here we take a deep dive into what it is to be you and to live your life as authentically and uniquely as possible. You explore your “not-self” and how this is distracting you from living the life that you deserve. You hone in on your unique life force energy and how to be guided from within.

Want to discuss which of these is more suited to your needs?

Hello Gorgeous Soul, I am Lynda Gaiao

Leaderhsip Coach, BG5 Business & Career Consultant & Human Design Guide

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