Are you tribal? Are you individual? Or are you some combination of both?


Are you drawn to be part of a group? A group that has a “code” that you align with.  A group in which you feel supported and where you can support others. A group in which you feel protected and where all involved provide some form of work in exchange for a fair and equal outcome.

Tribal energy is pack energy.  It is about identifying with and belonging to a group of people. It is about sticking together, and working together to succeed on the material plane. It includes support, protection, and nurturing of the tribe for all involved in the tribe.

There is always some form of bargain with the tribe.  You provide X in exchange for Y.  

Being part of the tribe means that your needs are provided for: food, clothing, shelter and a structure which holds everything together.

Without the tribe, we would not be able to live in the modern material world.  The tribe is what ensures we succeed on the material plane.

In many respects we have been conditioned to always be part of a tribe – as a means of survival.


Individual energy is about you, about your unique and individual way of seeing, and of being in the world.  It has nothing to do with others or with the tribe – it is your unique expression.

The true expression of the individual is the following of and listening to the beat of its own drum without needing the approval of others.  Individuals live independent of the “norm”. They often find it challenging to fit into society.

The individual direction comes from inspiration in the moment and from a deep knowing from within, and so it is crucial that the individual learns from a young age how to clearly communicate this in a way that is receptive to others. This facilitates their effectiveness as agents for change.

Very often the direction of the individual can be in direct opposition to that of the tribe.  The tribe can see the individual as a “rouge” or a threat to the existence of the tribe.  The individual will often want to go in a totally new/different direction which from the tribe’s perspective can appear risky and threatening.

Yet at the same time the individual and the individual direction is crucial as it brings about mutation, and new direction for the tribe. It inspires, empowers and awakens potential in others. The challenge for the individual is to do so without being rejected by the tribe.

They both need one another

Both the tribe and the individual need one another. Yet very often it appears as if they are in direct opposition to one another.

The individual will often find itself feeling “judged” or “outcast” for its individuality, and so often the “not self” individual will attempt let go of its individuality just to be part of the tribe, to fit in. It therefore attempts to let go of its unique direction or perspective so that it can be “in” with the tribe. This of course means that the individual is going against its true nature, and it will never be able to live as itself.  This creates immense suffering for the individual.  It also means that there can be no mutation, no change and no empowerment for the tribe.

The tribe needs to learn to balance, when to lock into its “way” of doing things, and when to let in new inspiration and ideas from the individual to ensure adaptation to the changing world around it and for the ultimate survival of the tribe.

Your Human Design

Within your Human Design, you may find that you have a combination of activation’s which could include individual, tribal and collective circuitry.  Generally most people are more dominant in one of these areas and this will greatly influence how your energy is designed to be expressed in this life.  

Each channel in human design falls into either individual, tribal or collective circuitry and the channels that you have active represent your consistent life force energy.  Your life force energy is your true expression in this life and so learning which circuitry is more dominant in your Human Design will greatly assist you in living as your TRUE self in this life time.

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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