Hello, gorgeous people, my name is Lynda.

Today I want to chat to you about your STORY.

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I love people’s stories.

I love listening to people’s stories and seeing how the events in their lives, the people they’ve connected with, the places that they have lived, the things that they’ve done, knowledge that they’ve obtained along the journey has created their story. It has formed who they are as a human being.  I find human beings and their story absolutely fascinating. I can literally spend hours just staring at people and listening to people’s stories because one of the things that I’ve learned along the way of listening to people’s stories is that:

Our story is us. It’s who we are.

That can be a really wonderful thing and can be really terrible thing as well. You see because in all these interactions that we have along the way, it’s how we react and how we respond to our environment, to our world, to the people around us, to the events, that actually creates the story that we play in our minds.

It’s our story, it’s unique to us, it’s our perspective, it’s the way we see things.

You could actually have two people that have exactly the same experience. Let’s say for example they are on a street corner and something happens in front of them. If you go and speak to those two people and you get them to re-tell that event from their perspective, you will almost have two completely different stories. Why is that? It’s because we have a lens, a filter, a way that we colour.  A coloured lens that we look at the world through.

That lens is based on everything that’s come before.

It can even come from before this life time, because everything is energy. We are all connected on an energetic level and energy sits in our cells on a cellular level. It will influence so much of our lives.

There was once this scientific investigation that looked at how our story, our environment can affect us on a biological and cellular level.  Let’s say that five generations ago there was a lot of obesity in your family and everyone was overweight.  Then in one generation there’s a massive worldwide famine and because of that famine, there is no food, so people that were obese just suddenly lose weight and become thin.  What happens next is that the genetic marker in the genes which was predisposed to obesity gets turned off.  Then, for every generation after that this no-one is obese.

This proves that our environment, the things that happen to us and around us and how we respond to those definitely influences our story.

Everything is interconnected. It is not always that easy to identify the exact cause of something because of how interlinked everything is.  The one thing I have learned in the work that I’m doing as a psychic healer, is that our story is instrumental in determining where we go in the future because it colours everything about how we see things, how we think, what we believe, the emotions that we feel, how we react to different situations and circumstances.

As a solar entrepreneur or someone who is wanting to do their soul work and to do their light work. Knowing your story, understanding your story, digging into your story is so important. When we want to make a change. When we want to raise our vibration. When we want to elevate to a new level, or be at a different phase, or step into a new timeline, one that feels more in alignment with our soul, we need to be aware of how our story shows up. The way to do this is to become really aware, to become really observant about how you think, how you react, what emotions surface and what things trigger us in our day-to-day lives.

I know personally for myself, many years back, I recognized that I was very often blinded to my own story. I wasn’t even aware of how my story was influencing my life and how my story was controlling how I did things.  About twelve to fifteen years ago I learned that I cannot see everything on my own. In fact, in many situations, I’m completely blinded to what is going on for me.  Having loving, caring, supportive, nurturing people around you who can say to you: “Hey look at this.  This is actually what you are doing.  You need to face this.  This is something that’s showing up in your life and it’s running your life, or ruling your life”. is essential to really understand how our story is showing up and how it might be holding us back.

When people first started doing this for me, being this mirror for me, I didn’t really like it.  Because it hurts!  Because you realise that you’ve got something going on inside of you that’s creating the drama in your life. When we aren’t aware of it, it is so for easy for us to point the finger towards the outside.  Placing the blame (or responsibility) elsewhere.  You get into this mindset of waiting for change on the outside to occur, for people around you to change.

You rationalise that when they change or when this thing on the outside is different, THEN my life will be better off.

I will be better.  I will be better off.  Things will be different. But this is not the case.

The work, the true work begins within you. The more aware you can become of your story and how you’re reacting based on that story is when you can really start to make the real change. When you can really start to transform and to get more in alignment with your soul.

I would advise doing meditation, mindfulness practices and journaling.  Any form of practice that is going to allow you to have a window into your story.  Into the deeper layers.  As for most of us our story has become subconscious. We are not consciously aware of it.  Having mentors around, or a coach, or somebody who is supportive enough, loving and caring enough to say: “Hey look at this.” And then, for you to be in a space where you can listen, act and, work on that, will mean that you’ll be able to achieve the growth, that change that your seeking.

It is a journey, which isn’t always easy because it’s our stuff.

It is the gunky stuff sitting in there, that most of us don’t want to deal with. We wanted to leave it hidden because we think it is easier to do that. The reality though is that it’s not easier.  I notice for myself that when I’ve left all of that stuff hidden and uncovered, it just bubbles up to the surface all the time anyway. This leaves us feeling that we are not connected to that powerful being that we are, because we’ve got all of this stuff clouding our light, hiding the truth of who we are away.

Our story is JUST our story.

When we come into this world we have this gorgeous, beautiful light, full of unconditional love and we just start closing down, and shielding out.  What causes us to do this is our story.

We need to unravel the shielding and really reveal the truth of who we are on the inside.  When can do that is when we really shine.  When we can fully step into our power and show up in the world in a magnificent way. When we can truly step into the work that we’ve been called to do.

Have a gorgeous, gorgeous day.

Thank you for your time and thank you for listening today.

Namaste gorgeous soul.