What is the NOT-SELF Mind?

It is the entity that looks at what is not us and continues to convince us that it is us.  It is a distorted and unhealthy view of us and the world around us. It convinces us to do things and say things that are not correct for us and it leads us to living a life full of resistance.

The not-self mind loves to be in control and it will do everything in it’s power to maintain this control.

Even if this means living a life of suffering.

The not-self mind shows up everywhere in our lives and if we are unaware of it, it will dominate and control all aspects of our lives.

The majority of humanity is under the control of their not-self mind and so it is no wonder that the world appears to be falling apart in the way that it is.

The not-self mind represents everything that is NOT us, yet it convinces us that this is who we are.

When living from the not-self we can spend out entire lives living out unhealthy choices, meeting resistance wherever we go, and feeling under pressure to BE or DO.

Where does the NOT-SELF Mind get its’s power from?

The not-self mind is the spokes person for our conditioning.  It is powered through all the places where we take on conditioning from the world around us.  It is powered by our unawareness of how it operates and what it is doing.  The more conditioning we are exposed to over time and the more time we remain unaware, the greater it’s power over our lives.  The longer the not-self mind is in control, the greater the distortion we face.

Under the layers of conditioning, and the distortion of the not-self mind lives YOU.  The AMAZINGLY UNIQUE YOU. The PERFECTION that is YOU.

All we need to do is to subtract the conditioning from our lives and what is left is YOU. The YOU that you are meant to be.  The YOU that you were DESIGNED to be.

How do we SEE the NOT-SELF Mind?

When we know where we take on conditioning, and we learn how the not-self mind operates, we can begin to SEE.  It is in the SEEING and the AWARENESS of it all that we begin to RELEASE all the power that it has had over us and so we begin to feel FREE. FREE to be the UNIQUE YOU that you are.  To live out the PERFECTION that is you.

For when we are FREE from the power of our conditioning and our not-self mind – we are PERFECT. There is nothing to FIX. All there is to do is to let go and to SEE.  It is through AWARENESS that we recognise the distortion and are no longer under it’s control.

Human Design provides us with a MAP of exactly where we take on our CONDITIONING, and so through this, we can become FREE.

If you would like to learn more about your Human Design and be FREE of the CONDITIONING and the distortion of the NOT-SELF Mind, then you may want to book an UNDERSTANDING YOUR HUMAN DESIGN SESSION.

I see you