I grew up 600km away from the ocean and remember longing to visit it as often as I could.

As we were driving down to the ocean on holiday I would start scanning the horizon for the first glimpse of the ocean in the distance. The moment my eyes saw the ocean something in my heart space and in my energy, would shift. A tremendous feeling of joy would bubble up from inside of me.

As we drew closer I would open the window waiting for that first breath of salt air. As my senses smelt the first saltiness in the air, I could feel the energy of the ocean filling me up and washing through me.

I would be almost beside myself with glee as we would pull up to the beach. I could not wait to feel the sand between my toes. As I opened the door of the car, the salt air would envelope me, nourishing each part of my bare skin. The sound of the crashing waves would travel deep within me, reawakening aspects of my soul.

I would gallop down to the water and as my toes touched the first wave, my body would tingle in anticipation. Diving into the first wave, I felt the ocean wrap me in its embrace. Immediately, a feeling of renewal would enter by body and my energy field.

Surfacing from the water, I felt alive. I felt sparkly and shiny again.

How is it that a body of salt filled water can have this effect, this impact on the human spirit, on our energy field?

Some believe that the ocean is the birth place of all life. That we all emerged from the ocean and will all return there again.

Without knowing exactly how or why, somehow as a young child I knew that the ocean was a place of cleansing, clearing and renewal.

I am forever grateful that I now live within walking distance to the ocean, and that I can visit her everyday if my heart and soul desires.

There was a time though when I could only visit the ocean once a year for a couple of days, and I think that this is when I started the practice of adding salt to my bath. This is something I was doing long before I knew anything about clearing energy. I just loved the way I felt afterwards. There was this sense of being restored and replenished. I felt calmer, more relaxed. My mind felt clearer and my energy felt lighter.

I remember the first time I met someone who had never seen the ocean before. I just stared at them in total disbelief. It was almost incomprehensible to me that someone could go their entire lives and never experience the magic and wonder of the ocean.

So, this got me thinking. Even if you could never see or be near the ocean, perhaps using salt in your bath or shower could be an amazing practice for you. Perhaps you do live near the ocean, but don’t get the opportunity to swim in it that often, then this could work for you too.

Weekly Practice

Creating a weekly practice of taking a salt bath or shower could be just the thing you need to help bring clear, light and beautiful energy into your space.

Epsom salts is what many people use, and all you need to do is to add a scoopful of the salt to the running water. You then immerse yourself in the bath and allow the salt to travel over your skin renewing and replenishing your energy.

Meditation experiences

I have found over the years of using my weekly bath and salts practice that I have been able to reach some deep meditative states.

If I have a lot of energy to shift as a result of seeing clients, or being around heavy energy, this practice allows me to shift this energy and reconnect to the divine essence within me.

If my sparkle feels like it has faded, this practice bring it back.

I once had a situation where I had connected energetically to another, and had taken on some of their heavy energy.  I added salt to my bath and then requested guidance on how to shift and clear this energy from my space.  A truly amazing meditative experience ensued, which gave me a practice that I still use now to really go within my own energy field and shift and clear energy that is not mine from it.

Bath and Shower Salt Recipe

I have created a recipe that you can use to create your own bath salts and if you don’t have a bath don’t worry, there are some tips in there about how to use the salts in the shower too.


Bath & Shower Salts


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Have fun making your bath salts.  Infuse them with the energy you would like to bring into your life, and then allow the salt to wash over your body cleansing, and clearing your energy.


Sending you love and light