This year I am celebrating 10 years of living in Australia. It has been an interesting 10 years. I have learned so much about myself. It has been a challenging and yet extremely rewarding 10 years. Parts of me still long for the land of my birth and others are firmly rooted in this new land that I call home.

Often we enter into things thinking we will get one thing from it, yet on reflection we realise that we have received something that we could never have imagined nor conceptualised when we started.

This could not be more true for my journey over the past 10 years.

If I had known the struggles and challenges that I was to face in these 10 years I probably would have run away and hidden!

I remember when I first left home to live and work overseas at the age of 21. My parents had been encouraging me to make a new life in a new country for years as they were concerned about the future of the country of my birth.  There were so many people that told me how difficult it was going to be for me and all the challenges that I would face along the way. However, I remember listening to them, but thinking to myself – “that wont happen to me”.  I felt so strong and self assured and decided that I would forge my own path – besides what could they possibly know about my journey!

This was an adventure of a life time and I wasn’t about to let anyone else’s fears stand in my way.

As it turns out, some of the things that they told me about did actually happen to me.  I cried many tears. I was alone and so far away from my Mom and Dad.  Yet, I also had some amazing experiences and I learned more about myself and my inner strength. I realised what I could achieve on my own.  I ended up returning to the land of my birth with a new found appreciation for what it had to offer me.  I knew when I returned that this was where I wanted to be.

Over the next 10 years I went from strength to strength and ultimately ended up becoming a Millionaire by accident. (You can read more about that story here: How I became a millionaire by accident)

When my husband first came to me and suggested that we immigrate to Australia, I wasn’t that keen.  I knew from my previous experience that moving to a new country had challenges and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave everything that I had worked for behind.  I was really happy, and felt that I had so much to stay for.

I begun to seek out people who could tell me more about this land called Australia, I wanted to find out if it was a place that I could settle and a place that I could enjoy living.  I received a mixed bag of what I could expect – some really inspiring and positive and others not so much!

In contrast to my first overseas adventure, I was a bit more realistic about some of the possible challenges and hardships I may face, yet I still found myself dismissing many of them – believing that “that wont happen to me.”

In many ways, nothing could have prepared me for the challenges and difficulties I was to face over the coming 10 years.

The level of comfort, recognition and achievement I had obtained up to this point was about to be stripped away from me.  I was to have so many layers peeled back that I would be left cowering in the corner begging for it all to end. I have never cried so many tears, and felt such deep emotional pain in my entire life.  My usual sparkle for life was all but snuffed out and I reached a place where I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue living.

I definitely would never ever have signed up for this, if I knew what I was in for!

In my childhood and those of almost every human being I have encountered, there are stories of pain.  Pain that has arisen out of being exposed to the homogenised and conditioned world. Pain that accumulates with each layer of conditioning of the not-self that we bolster on. The layers of pain form an assembly line and one after the other, they are strapped and bolted on. For so many this process continues and never stops.

The past 10 years has brought all of this pain and conditioning into full view for me to face and to experience in a conscious rather than an unconscious way. Rather than allowing it to rule my life, I have began to see its dysfunction and how it has been controlling me. This is never easy, yet when we face it, things around us change in the most magical and mysterious ways.

10 years feels like such a significant number – it is a full decade and in many ways it feels like the completion of a cycle.

As I write this, I am reflecting on where all this challenge and difficulty has lead me, and I have this inclining that it isn’t completely over yet.  In in some strange and perhaps twisted way, I am okay with that. I see now that it has all been necessary and purposeful.  That through all of it I am only deepening my experience of what it means to be me.  Fully and completely.  I am expanding my range of what is possible, of what it means to have a human experience.  I am stretching and reaching outwards to form an enriched understanding of what MY life is all about.

I am over joyed to have found human design as part of this next phase of my journey. Through human design, I am beginning to see clearly where conditioning enters my world, and where I potentially live out the distorted version of me.  Through human design I SEE a way of living the TRUTH of who I AM.

What will the next 10 years hold for me? Even venturing a guess would never, could never come close to what the universe has in store for me.

My intention is to stay true to my own energy. To live and experience the things that I love and that bring pure joy to my heart.

To shine my light.

For if there is anything I have learned, it is when I am in service from the depths of my heart and I feel deeply fulfilled and successful that the universe responds with the most amazing opportunities for me.

From this place, I am naturally invited to be a part of some of the most amazing and magical things.

Here is to living MY life being TRULY ME.

If you would like me to guide you on your Human Design journey, then you may want to book an UNDERSTANDING HUMAN DESIGN session with me.

I see you.