If you are alive then you will experience pain.

I have yet to meet a human being that does not have a life story that involves some level of pain and suffering.  

Pain and being human seem to be synonymous.

Pain occurs on many different levels and can include both physical and emotional pain.  And, the link that I want to speak about today is that of pain and suffering. 

People seem to automatically associate pain with suffering.  It appears that when one experiences pain the natural by-product is suffering. I have witnessed people’s lives fall apart because of the suffering they go through as a result of the pain that they experience. Their outer core becomes worn, battered and bruised from their painful experiences. They begin to be defined by their pain, and it tarnishes all in their life. It seeps into every aspect of their lives creating misery wherever it goes.

I have been watching and observing not only others, but my own experiences of pain and specifically the level of suffering that they endure.  It has become clear to me that a large portion of the suffering is not actually as a result of the pain.  It instead comes from the mental torture created by the mind.

If it were possible to experience the pain in isolation from the mind, what would the experience be like?

When you begin to delve into just the experience and you let go of the story that the mind creates around the experience, you soon begin to discover that pain can exist without the suffering. Pain on its own is not a “negative” experience, it is only what the mind tells us about the pain that causes us to suffer.  In addition the mind is usually telling us that we need to get out of the pain experience as soon as possible, and this adds to the level of suffering that we experience.  When we have the perception that what is happening to us right now is “wrong”, “bad” or “negative” and that we need to get out of it, this compounds our suffering.

With practice and awareness it is possible for one to settle into the pain experience and to allow it to just be. Not needing to change it, or make it go away.  It feels as if the first part of it is acceptance, of relaxing and allowing, and then one moves into a place of purely seeing the experience, being a witness to it.  From this place, the pain is just pain, and there is no suffering attached to it.  It almost appears as if we become free of the suffering. 

Now I want to be clear that the stories that our mind tells us about these pain experiences does not disappear, we merely become detached from them.  They no longer influence us, or have power over us. They no longer push us to “do” something about the experience. They no longer have the affect of creating suffering for us, as we no longer “believe” in them.

Over the past 10 years I have had multiple injuries and surgeries, each of them with a fair share of physical pain, as well as mental stories surrounding them.  With each injury, surgery and recovery phase, I began to notice that my suffering lessened as I became a witness to the experience rather than needing to change it.  

The magical side effect of this level of awareness, is that I no longer felt sorry for myself, and instead I actually see each one of these pain experiences as a gift.  They are a path to deepening my understanding of myself, and my connection to my life force energy.  Each of them was an opportunity to break the mental patterning, and begin to see how destructive my mind can be.  Sitting on the couch for weeks or months at a time, with limited mobility, has a way of giving you space to see what perhaps you could not see before.  At first it is extremely confronting and very uncomfortable. Yet each time you practice this, it becomes easier.

Knowing the truth of who you are outside of the mental stories that our mind tells us about who we are and what we should be, is the freedom to experience how truly magnificent and amazing you are.  

Pain is just pain.  It does not require you to suffer.

The next time you find yourself in a mental pattern over which you are anguishing and which brings suffering to your life.  Stop, watch, relax, let go and allow your inner life force energy to arise.

Life from this space becomes truly magical.

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (the patterns, the conditioning and the mental stories), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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