We are familiar with the concept of placing our trust in another, and we are probably even more familiar with what it feels like when our trust has been broken.

The more chaos that you are surrounded by, the more likely it is that trust between yourself and another has been broken. Once trust has been broken, it is very challenging to restore. The effects of this broken trust can linger in a relationship, it is difficult to rebuild and very often can be the thing that causes the relationship to end.

The nature of the world around us has meant that we have been trained to place our trust in governments, corporations, societies etc. The focus here is on the outside. Placing our trust in things and people outside of ourselves.  We look to them to tell us how our world works, and to make decisions for us.

This may have appeared to have worked, and it may have even been a necessary part of our evolution. However, the chaos that is descending around us world wide at the moment, is just the beginning of the collapse of the old. This collapse will meant what has worked before will no longer work. And so, it is also an opportunity for us to embrace a new way of living.

We are moving into a time where TRUST and DECISION MAKING are anchored into each individual, rather than outside in the collective.

Without rebuilding the trust within ourselves, it is going to be near impossible to navigate through the chaos that is still to come.

What does it mean to TRUST YOURSELF?

If you have never learned (or have unlearned) how to trust yourself, and if you have never learned (or have unlearned) how to make decisions from within your bodies intelligence, then you have some work to do. You need to repair the relationship and rebuild the trust with yourself. You need to rebuild the trust in your decision making authority. You need to learn to trust that your body knows the way, and that it will guide you perfectly through life.

Disowning that part within us that knows the way is what most of us have done. This has happened purely through the process of being alive and being exposed to the conditioning of the world around us. There is a process that we all need to go through – where we shed what no longer serves us and which does not make healthy and correct decisions for us, and embrace what has always been within us.

If we are to truly thrive in the changing times, then the trust that we have in ourselves is of the utmost importance. 

To get to a place where we are not only aware of, but have a deep connection with that part of us that knows the way, we need to start by letting go of what is preventing us from connecting to it in the first place.

These are the Steps to rebuild our trust in ourselves


Step 1: Bring the unconscious to the surface

Through our lives and the conditioning field in which we have lived, we have all picked up patterns and habits of how to live, and how to make decisions. We now we need to bring these unconscious, automated ways of living to the surface, so that we can let go of them.

While a pattern or habit rests within our subconscious it is running us. We are on autopilot, unaware of what and how it is ruling our lives.

The only way for us to begin to sift through what is truly correct and healthy for us and what our mind and our conditioning has programmed us into “thinking” we want or need is to watch, observe, become aware. 

When you are faced with a decision, start to notice what comes out of your mouth before you think you have had any thoughts around it.

Take note of the feelings, sensations, and where it seems that the decision has come from. 

Notice if there are any patterns of behaviour that repeat themselves over and over.

Start to notice what feels like something coming from your mind vs something that is coming from deep within you. 

Step 2: Get to know your decision making authority

In Human Design there are many different decision making authorities, and once you have your Human Design chart you will know what your decision making strategy is.

The mind will have an opinion, it will even likely have an expected outcome or trajectory in mind. It will have something to “say” about what is going on, and it will feel justified in its choices.

The body intelligence on the other hand may not make any mental or logical sense, it may say yes in the moment and then disappear, not making a fuss or trying to get your attention again. It will surface from within your body. It could appear in any of these forms:

  • a sensation in you gut, a response to life – yes, no, maybe
  • an intuitive knowing in the now
  • finding emotional clarity over time
  • a willfull determination – have the energy for it or not, is this for me or not, is my heart in it or not.

It will not come from the mind and there may even be no way to explain it. Rather just a deep inner knowing about the way to go.

By knowing the ins and outs of your specific decision making authority, you can start to notice how it works. As you learn all the aspects of how it works you can then begin to play and experiment with it.

Step 3: Test and experiment

The best way to learn how you are designed to make decisions, and how to trust this place within your body that is here to guide you through life, is to test and to experiment for yourself.

The best thing about Human Design is that no one knows your truth but you.  It is up to you to test, to validate and to find out how this works for you.

Each time a decision opportunity presents itself, become aware, notice, and see how it works for you. 

Over time, you start to see when the mind is coming up and getting in the way. You start to see how things flow magically when you trust and allow.

It is a process of letting go of the old habits and patterns and anchoring into your truth. You want to get to a place where you have repaired the trust and where you know exactly how you operate.

Over time. you being to….

  • recognise where you mind has come back in and how your choices are derailed as a result.
  • trust your decision making authority, even when it makes no logical sense. 
  • witness the magical unfolding of life that happens when you can get out of your mind and into your body.

It takes time to get to this level of trust, but it is so worth it. You are worth it. 

The most important person in this world to trust is YOU!

No matter where you are in your life, or how much your trust in yourself has broken down, you can begin in this moment to rebuild and to let go.

Step by step and moment by moment, you begin to let go of what is not you and reconnect to your TRUTH.

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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