From the moment we are born we enter into the conditioning field, into the matrix. Each moment that passes exposes us to the ideologies, ideas, cultures, religions, thoughts, beliefs of the world we are born into. The conditioning field goes to work, essentially telling us:

  • how we should behave,
  • what we should strive for,
  • how we should look,
  • what we should wear
  • what it means to be a man or a woman
  • what we need in our lives to feel satisfied
  • what goals to achieve to feel successful
  • what to do to bring peace into our lives
  • what happiness looks like

The conditioning field tells us who we are!

The average person is totally unaware of the conditioning field and its affect on us.  For most people they have very limited understanding or awareness of the difference between who they truly are and what conditioning they have accumulated through the years.

Moment by moment, the conditioning field creates layers upon layers over our core being.

Over time the core essence that makes up who we are seems to be lost under all the layers of conditioning. Without our connection to our core being, the truth of who we are, we find ourselves continually feeling a need to find more meaning or purpose in life.  Perhaps even a feeling of being lost and sometimes even depressed.

In the realm of the conditioning field the mind is the ruler, the controller.

The mind loves the conditioning field, as it gives the mind things to do, things to fix.  The mind is super fast, super observant and super efficient at:

  • Seeing what is wrong with you and doing something to fix it
  • Noticing the difference between where you are and where you want to be and doing something about that
  • Getting the things you think you want.
  • Finding ways to work on all the things you think you need to work on to reach your goals, achieve success, feel satisfied, bring happiness.
  • Operating according to and within the conditioning fields “rules”.
  • Creating pressure on you to do more, be more, have more
  • Rationalising, analysing, deducting, weighing up pros and cons.

I have used my mind to achieve many “successful” things in my life and so I know that using the mind works but I am here to tell you that:

The mind is the barrier to doing what you love.

The mind is the mind, and it is operating from within the conditioning field, it is therefore totally disconnected from your core essence, from your soul, from that inner part of you that knows who you are. By its very nature therefore the mind can never align you to what your soul loves to do, it is unable to communicate with your deeper intelligence that guides you to the life you deserve and are destined to live.

It is only when we stop listening to the mind that we can can truly connect to the energy of what our soul loves.

It is only when we stop allowing the mind to make decisions about our lives that we can align to what is correct and healthy for us.

Your mind has no idea what is correct or healthy for you.

Only your inner authority can guide you to the people, places, energies, situations, jobs and relationships that you deserve.

Awareness, observation and mindfulness are the keys to not only seeing the mind, but releasing its control over you.  As long as you continue to use the mind to get the things you think you want or need, or to fix what you think is wrong with you, you will be trapped in a cycle of pain and suffering.

Human Design is quite honestly the most effective tool that I have found to allow me to see the delusional game that the mind plays.  It has enabled me to free myself from the control that the mind has had over me for years, which at some points in my life led me into deep depression and towards suicidal thoughts.

Human Design is not the easy way out.  It challenges the very core of who you think you are.

It shatters the world of the mind. It brings you back ‘home’ to your core essence, to the truth of who you are. When you can connect to your inner soul essence you ignite your warrior spirit.  You feel empowered from within, you feel empowered to be YOU, to live as YOU. You can begin to let go of all the layers of conditioning and know that there is nothing FIX, there is only letting go of what is not you so that the truth of who you are can truly shine.

Start living as your true self today!


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