If you hop onto social media, or turn on the TV, you will be flooded with images, videos and conversations about what success looks like, and what it feels like. 

These images are usually filled with luxury cars, boats, houses, and briefcases over flowing with money.  Pictures of woman dripping in diamonds and jewelry, wearing all too revealing clothing.  They are coated in makeup and their lips are filled with Botox. There are images of men flying high in supersonic jet airplanes, dressed in designer label suits.

This illusion of success that is blasted to us each an every day is something we have all bought into.

We can spend our entire lives working extra long days in jobs that we hate, chasing after this illusion of success. Yet the illusion can never be real. It can never bring us that deep, fulfilling feeling of success that comes from within. 

Success can absolutely lead to material wealth, but the mistake that most people make is that they chase after the illusion, and totally bypass what is correct and healthy for them. They end up leading a false life in pursuit of an illusion, rather than anchoring into the truth of who they are and living in alignment with their core life force energy.

The results of living a life like this is often dis-ease, unhealthiness, excessive stress, anxiousness, disharmony, unhappiness, regret, disappointment, anger, frustration and bitterness.    

I recently watched a podcast with Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson, and the thing that struck me most about this story was how, after reaching global “success”, becoming a house hold name, earning millions of dollars, owning many luxury cars and even having tigers in his back yard, he wants to forget and let go of who he was during this time.  

Mike wants to erase the part of his life when he was according to the world – the most SUCCESSFUL.

In order to chase after the illusion of success he needed to be an “animal”. He did whatever was needed to “take over the world” of boxing. This included becoming a person that was hard, mean and calculated.

He spoke about how in the past few years he has come to the realisation that all of those years of “success” meant nothing as he was living outside of the truth of who he is.  He now spends a large portion of his time apologising to his children for who he was and how he behaved during this time of his life. 

From the outside looking in through the lens of illusion – his story looks like on of success.

And many people would have seen him as someone to role model their lives on. Yet, here we find a man in the later years of his life in deep regret for the person that he became as a result of chasing after the illusion of success.  He is now committed to anchoring into the truth of who he really is and letting go of the illusion. He wants to live the rest of his life getting to know the real Mike Tyson, and sharing this with the people he cares about deeply. 

He is becoming an example of true success.

You can watch the full episode of Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson here.

Each one of us has an opportunity in this moment to anchor into the truth of who we are. To let go of the illusion, to stop chasing after a fantasy that can never bring a deep sense of fulfillment. 

Pause for a moment.

Evaluate how you are spending your time and what you are using your energy on.

  • Are these things regenerating, and do they bring you deep satisfaction, success, peace and a sense of awe?
  • If not, stop doing them!

When we buy into and believe the stories that the world tells us and the stories that our minds tell us, we will forever be lost in the illusion.

The only way to live the life you were designed to live, is to know the truth of who you are.

You need to let go of what is not you, and live in alignment with YOUR TRUTH.

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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