When you see or hear the word abundance what do you think of?  For many people money immediately comes into the picture.  While I believe that abundance is far greater than just the money we have in our lives, money is definitely one aspect of abundance.

Abundance specifically around money has been coming into my field of awareness quite frequently lately and I wanted to give you my perspective on the flow of abundance in relation to money.

The laws of the universe and the laws of energy are centered around balance.

This balance includes a flow inwards as well as flow outwards.  It is along the same principles of the give and receive dynamic and the energy of receiving that I have written about in previous blog posts.

If you want money to flow into your life, then you need to freely and willingly allow money to flow out of your life.

I’m not sure where I learned this along the way, but for as long as I can remember I have excitedly opened my mail, whether it was a letter from a friend or a bill that needed to be paid.  I have never seen bills as something to be ‘unhappy’ about.  I enjoy paying my bills just as much as I do receiving money for the invoices I send out. In fact I see bills as an opportunity to be grateful for the amazing things that I have in my life as a result of receiving the bill.  Except on some very rare occasions, I have always paid my bills on time.  In the process of paying the bill with gratefulness in my heart, and willingly allowing the money to flow out of my life, I have found that I have never struggled to pay a bill.  There has always been enough money to pay for what I need and then some more for the things that I want.

Holding onto our money from a scarcity or lack mentality, will only further perpetuate the imbalance of the flow of abundance.

If you notice stressful emotions coming up when you receive a bill, or you need to pay a bill, these are indicators that you are holding energy around the flow of money in your life.  When you hold energy in this way you create an imbalance in the flow. Start by having an intention to notice these emotions.  Allow your awareness of where you are blocking the flow of abundance around money in your life to surface to your conscious mind.

Next, begin focusing your energy on being grateful for what you have received in goods or services as a result of the bills that arrive in the mail.  Start thanking the suppliers for their service.  When you click PAY on the item, allow your money to flow freely from you to them.

Aim to get to a place where you can freely, and easily allow the money to flow out of your life, with calmness, acceptance, love and gratefulness in your heart.

Conversely, when money comes in, there needs to be a celebration and gratefulness for the receiving of it.

Have you ever found a coin on the floor somewhere?  What do you do when you find it? Do you walk past it, as the amount of money is too small to worry about, or do you pick it up, celebrate and express your gratefulness to the universe for the flow of abundance into your life.

Each time money comes into your life, from any source, you need to allow that energy to flow inwards, freely and with gratefulness in your heart.


Begin by setting an intention to notice when all forms of abundance flow into your life.  Notice how you are potentially blocking the energy of receiving, of allowing money to flow freely into your life.  Perhaps you dismiss the 5c coin you found, or you don’t give a second thought to the person who brought in baked goodies at work that you got to enjoy without having to pay for them.

There are so many ways in which abundance shows up in our lives, and we just need to notice them, then allow and be grateful for this energy flowing into our lives.

The laws of the universe and energy tell us that if you cannot be grateful for or accept willing the small gifts in life, such as a 5c coin, why would the universe send you anything more?

I make it a habit to truly celebrate when all forms of abundance show up for me.  I have a happy dance that I do to celebrate, or I may just jump around for joy.

As you begin to practice this flow of abundance in your life, you will notice how money will flow freely inwards just as much as it flows outwards.

Namaste Beautiful soul