Where is doubt showing up in your life? What is the effective use of doubt?

Doubt has been something that has been a consistent theme throughout my life. Perhaps you identify with some of these?  There is..

  • Doubting who I am.
  • What I’m capable of.
  • Whether I can achieve things.
  • Whether I am good enough.
  • Whether I have ideas that are inspirational enough.
  • Whether my way of thinking or understanding the world is correct.
  • Whether I know who I am or where I’m going.

When doubt shows up in our lives in this way it can be extremely dysfunctional. In fact, it can be very paralyzing. It can literally bring us to our knees, seeing us become immobilized and unable to move in any direction in our life.

We feel anxious, we feel fearful, we feel this nervous energy in our lives about our ability to succeed, our ability to get the things that we think we want in life, our ability to achieve the things we feel we need to in order to survive in this life, in order to not only survive but thrive. To see our ambitions come into life to be a reality that we can experience.

Turned inwards in this way, doubt it is extremely paralyzing and can create a lot of dysfunction in our lives. It alters the way we see ourselves and the way that we move through the world. This criticism, this inner critic, this voice in our heads that will spin around in this way really has no usefulness because it simply does not enable us to move forward in a healthy and correct way.

When we are living our design, and we understand that doubt has a function, but that it is not designed to be turned inwards. It is not designed to be used against ourselves in this way. We can actually use doubt for the function or the purpose for which it was intended.

In the month of March, doubt is something that is going to show up. Rather than being paralised by doubt, we can expand our awareness of what it is and how it works. We become aware of the energetic dynamics of doubt and how to use it in the way in which it’s intended to be used. This is when we begin to use it as a tool rather than something to beat ourselves up about, or with!

How can we use doubt in a healthy, optimal functioning way?

The effective use of doubt…

Doubt really comes into play when we are able to be skeptical. Be skeptical about the status quo. Be skeptical about the habits or rituals or the patterns by which people live their lives. To really question whether or not those patterns habits or rituals are the most optimal or the most effective.


Will they lead to the most beneficial outcomes for us if we continue to follow them? 

When we can bring the doubt and the skepticism to the patterns in this way, what happens is we open up. We kind of crack them open and we create a doorway or an opening for ourselves to really begin to investigate to start to test and experiment. To try again and again to really see, can this pattern stand the test of time when subjected to the most adverse conditions? Are we able to have this pattern, the system, this way of thinking hold up against that.  To hold up against it in a way that is empowering.  In a way that leads us towards a secure future of some kind.

We really get to bring change to patterns that could potentially be holding us in dysfunctional way of being or living when we use doubt effectively in this way. We are able to shift patterns that can really sabotage how we move forward in our lives, patterns that can actually hold us back from reaching our ambitions, patterns that really are dysfunctional and bring dis-ease and unhealthiness into our lives.

doubt shifts perspective

The efftive use of doubt is when we use doubt to shift our perspective, rather than as a way to doubt yourself.

Doubt can shift your perspective.

What I would encourage you to do, is to open your perspective towards seeing doubt as a tool for investigation for experimentation and testing. A way to ensure that the patterns that we have in our lives are secure for us. That they are going to hold up to the test of time as we move forward into the future.

Versus as a stick to beat ourselves up with on a daily basis. Doubting who we are, what we capable of and what we can do in life.

When we use doubt effectively, in the way that it is intended to be used, it is an amazing tool.

Starting learning to wait for others to invite you to share your perspective, your doubt.  When someone comes to you and asks:  “What way do you see, that this could be done better? What way do you see that we can alter or correct this pattern so that we have a more secure future moving forward?”  In this way you begin to use doubt in the way it was intended.

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