Emotions and the Human Experience are inextricably linked.  They appear to be tied together, hand in hand. Partners for life.

Yet, many people have very little understanding of their emotions or where they arise from.

According to Eckhart Tolle, the well known author of “The power of now”, emotions are the energetic charge in our physical bodies which arise from mental thoughts.

Thoughts = Emotions. Seems simple enough right?

However, we can either be conscious or unconscious of our thoughts, and even of our emotions.  This means that potentially we are not even aware of what we are thinking, and what emotions are arising from those thoughts. What happens then to thoughts that we are not aware of, and emotions that arise from those thoughts?

Ultimately, thoughts and emotions that go “un-noticed” manifest in the physical body in some form of pain, discomfort and disease.

If you are experiencing physical pain, discomfort and disease in your physical body, then the chances are that it stems from both your unconscious stream of thoughts and the energetic charge of those thoughts which if left unchecked become stagnant energy, unhealthy energy in your cells, which ultimately leads to the pain, discomfort and disease.

If you spent a day inside the incessant stream of thoughts that most human beings experience you would quickly realise that their thoughts are not only very repetitive, they are extremely critical, judgmental, and very often negative. When you add on the fact that most people are not consciously aware of what is going on within their thought stream, you quickly realise that “unhappy” emotions will be surfacing in our bodies all day long.

In addition, a large percentage of our thoughts are not our own.  They arise from the most influential people in our environments. We are often so conditioned by the world around us, that the unconscious stream of thoughts running through our heads have nothing to do with the truth of who we are.  Yet, they are creating an energetic charge in our bodies in the form of emotions and they lead to physical pain, discomfort and disease.

Emotions have a massive effect and impact on our physical health.

The only way to navigate out of this trap of endless unhelpful thoughts and emotions is to become aware.

  • You need to build your awareness of what is going on – physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.
  • Where are your thoughts arising from?
  • Do your thoughts have any “truth” to them.
  • Where are your thoughts leading you towards?
  • What are you picking up from the world and people around you?

In my work as a psychic and energy healer I have noticed that people generally assume that if they are having a thought or are feeling an emotion that it is theirs.  Even if they are confused about why, they attach to the thoughts and to the emotions and in this process, they enable the energetic charge of both to rest within the cells of the body.  Most often the energetic charge is extremely unhealthy for them though.

You can begin to become more discerning about thoughts and emotions and ask:

  • Are these emotions mine?
  • Are these thoughts mine?

An emotion may just be a passing energy, moving through your field. If you attach to that emotion, you will create a story around that emotion, which only intensifies the emotion. Yet when you can learn to become aware of an more of an observer of the emotion, you can allow that energy to move through you.

The moment we identify with or associate to the thoughts and emotions is when we give them power.  That power comes in the form of toxic energy which settles within our physical bodies and ultimately causes the physical pain, discomfort and disease.

Learning to become aware of any emotions in your field can provide you with a great source of wisdom.

Learn to become the observer of these emotions, become the witness to them and soon you will notice that their energetic charge will begin to flow through you rather than settling within you.

Namaste Beautiful Soul

I see you…