How easy is it for you to Receive?

As an entrepreneur who is a teacher, a healer, a coach I already know that you are a natural at giving. You are a natural at stepping into the world and being of service. You love to help and to share with people. It is just part of who you.

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But how good are you at receiving?

If you are struggling to get the steady flow of clients that you want into your business, the give and receive dynamic might just be the reason why clients are not coming into your business.

In this post, I share with you how the give and receive dynamic sets up an energy pattern that only allows energy to flow one way.

Hello, beautiful people my name’s Lynda Gaiao and, I wanted to chat to you today about the give and receive dynamic.

The give and receive dynamic is something that I have notice coming up with entrepreneurs who are in the healing and teaching space, who are light workers. You see they are extremely giving people.

They are naturally giving. They come from the heart space and they love giving and they just, take so much joy and so much pleasure in giving to people around them.  They are there to help and to serve.  It’s in their DNA it’s in their energy code to be givers.

Now the issue that comes up for people in this space is very often they don’t have enough clients they don’t have the steady flow of clients coming to their space. I believe that it’s really linked to this give and receive dynamic.

When you’re in natural giver and you are consistently giving and sharing and always wanting to help people, you set up this energetic pattern, this stream of energy that really has a one-way flow. It is always going out and its very seldom coming in.

When you actually try to give to healers and people that are natural giver, you can very often see them shrink away. They really struggle to receive.  They struggle to be on the receiving end, to welcome in that energy.  They will dismissive it so quickly and say things like: “You know what, actually I’m fine. I’ll be okay.  Thank you but I don’t really need that right now.”  There is this dynamically where they love giving and sharing but when it comes the way they just can’t accept it.

You might be identifying with this and there are many healers and people in that space of teaching in light working that have this dynamic. On an energetic level if you are wanting to attract clients into your space but you are only a giver and not to receiver you are almost pushing clients away from you. You are holding them out of your space. Where we want to get you to, is to have this beautiful flow of energy where you give and receive equally and you allow the energy in and you give it out? If you’re a healer and you’re a mom and your partner to somebody and you are always give, give, giving and it’s your natural way, I can fully understand why receiving can be hard for you.

What I have seen is that if this pattern goes on for a really long-time, ultimately it leads to resentment. It leads to anger, this feeling of, I’m always giving and never get anything back. As healers, teachers and lightworkers, you know, that the inner work is always where we need to start. This is our home base. We always need to be going back into here and checking in with what’s going on. This is where I’m going to encourage you to start.

When we are able to give to ourselves, when we are able to nourish ourselves, we start changing this energy dynamic. When we start it within, we can start to expand it outwards and outwards.  Then we can get to this beautiful space where we have this receiving and giving energy dynamic in our field. Starting with yourself is the key.

In the coming weeks, what I would encourage you to do is to journal.  To write down fifty ways of how you can give to yourself. These don’t need to be anything that costs money and they don’t have to take a lot of time.  They can just be really simple, small things that when you do them for yourself you feel amazing. You feel like you’ve been on the receiving end of your own love. Where you’ve been able to give love to yourself.

Perhaps you are very critical or judgmental of yourself. Just start to monitor this and start to flip these.  Change a critical statement into a positive affirming statement. Perhaps a cup of tea in the mornings while you are still in bed is something that really feels beautiful for you, then do that. Perhaps a beautiful bath with Epsom salts is a really giving and loving thing for you, then do that. Each one of us is unique and you need to understand what feels giving to you, where you can receive your own giving. Start incorporating that into your life.

What you’ll start noticing is, as you create this beautiful receiving energy for yourself you expand a little bit outwards. Then you’ll start noticing that people around you that perhaps were always takers start to become givers.  They start giving to you. Now, instead of shrinking away, and feeling as if you can’t receive this you need to start allowing the energy to come in.  If you’ve really spent the time giving to yourself, you’re going to be in an energy space of receiving. This means that when someone starts to give to you, you can accept that in.  If you are really aware of this give and receive dynamic and you notice how you shrink away from people giving to you when they start coming into your space and wanting to give to you, you can just have this awareness of do you push it away, or is there this willingness to allow it to start coming into your space?

Before, you know, guess what it is going to happen?

You are going to expand that energy even further out and you’re going to be in the receiving space to receive clients and be grateful and accepting and allow them to come into your space rather than pushing it away. Remember, a lot of this stuff happens unconsciously because we’ve got ourselves into this pattern over years and years of giving, so we really need to consciously have an intention to start to notice to become aware to give more to ourselves and with that intention we bring things up to the conscious level and that’s and when we can work on them.  We can start to change that dynamic and really allow that receiving energy to come into our space. If you’ve got any stories to share or any juicy little things that you did, or any beautiful practices that came up for you which just allowed your heart to be full of love and joy, please share them. I’d love to hear about them.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me today.

My name is Lynda Gaiao and, I’m here to connect you to your heart, so that you can hear the messages of your soul.

Namaste beautiful people.