A few years back, I came across “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, and really found his message to be powerful.

Today, I wanted to Investigate the Biology of Belief through a Human Design lens.

If you have not yet heard of The Biology of Belief, its worth checking out, but I will give you my version of interpretation here and the specific points that I want to explore.

Essentially the core message that I took away, is around how our thoughts and the environment we are in affect the cells in our body.

As a cellular biologist, he mentions experiments that were done on healthy living cells.  When they were placed in a petri dish (environment) filled with healthy material – the cells thrived, and when they were placed in an unhealthy environment, they became sick, diseased and often died. 

He also talks about epigenetics – the science around how certain genetic traits can either be turned on or off, depending on environmental factors.  In other words, our genetic predisposition to cancer for example could be turned off until certain environmental factors come into play, at which time, these genes could be activated.

His work explores and helps us to further understand the link between mind and matter.

Our minds are powerful things.

Before diving into the world of Human Design, I dedicated a lot of my time to using my mind “for my benefit”. I became aware that my thoughts were powerful and that it was important to “control” them.  I would try to steer my thoughts towards all things “positive”.  I would think about the things I wanted in my life and then use my mind to work towards achieving those things.  I would write affirmations (positive statements that help to overwrite potentially negative statements with the aim of bringing about change in your life) in an effort to reach the goals that I was setting my life.  And to understand the things that were stopping me from reaching them.

I was on the look out for thoughts that were creating negative outcomes in my life, and potentially even illness – and then trying to “re-write” these thoughts.

My experimentation and exploration in this area led me to believe that – YES thoughts affect our bodies, our cells, and our health.

How has the environment affect us?

I took a closer look at the environments that I was in or had been in, and attempted to understand the effect that these have on me.  

The easiest contrasting example I have is that I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and after immigrating to Australia I can say for sure that the environment and the energy you are surrounded by has a massive impact on you.  The contrast between these two places in terms of stress and fear are massive.  Our bodies hold onto and store this stress (sometimes for years) and ultimately it does have an impact on our health.

let’s INVESTIGATE this Through a Human Design Lens.

While in principle I still feel that my original interpretation still holds some value, I feel that some adjustment is necessary.

Firstly, thoughts are happening TO us. Therefore we have no control over them.  We cannot change the thoughts, nor can we steer them in any direction.

If thoughts are happening TO us, then all we have is awareness.  Awareness of the thoughts, and whether we have become identified with them or not. 

Now if certain thoughts have been appearing in your energy field over and over and over, then it is very possible that you have become deeply identified with them – and you probably even think that these thoughts are yours.  Depending on what these thoughts are – they could potentially have some serious affects on your body and your cells.

The awareness of the thoughts over time leads us to letting them go – no longer being identified with them and therefore they no longer have an effect on us.

When we look at environments – once again – life is happening TO us, therefore we have no control over the environments.  All we have is awareness.  Awareness of the environment, awareness of the energy surrounding us and we can either allow the environment to consume us or we continue to hold true to our unique energy frequency. 

When we have become preoccupied and identified through living in the realm of the mind and have allowed an unhealthy environment to consume us, it does affect our energy and very often we suffer as a result.

Environments are so important, and when we align to ones that are healthy for us, we can experience the magic of life.

Each moment of each day is an opportunity for us to:

  • Let go of what is not us.
  • Connect to our unique energy frequency.
  • Follow our strategy, and inner authority

We hone our skills at letting things we cannot control wash past us. We learn to relax and to wait.  To allow life to come to us, rather then pushing to make things happen.  We anchor in to our energy frequency, the truth of who we are. And as life comes towards us, we go to that part within us that knows the way and allow it to guide us toward things that are correct and healthy for us.

This does not mean however that we will never experience challenges in our lives. It is very possible that even when you are in a healthy environment, you are aligned to your unique frequency and you are aware of your thoughts, that you could still experience illness. 

We cannot go around the things that we are meant to go through.

The real difference I see is in how we experience these things. For when we are aligned to the truth of who we are, all experiences that come to us are part of our destined path. There is no good or bad, positive or negative.  It is totally possible that having an illness is exactly what you need, that it is in fact a healthy experience for you.

When we can get to a place where we can clearly see the difference between our minds running the show and trying to control our lives and our life force leading the way, relaxed, centered, aligned. Then we can experience true freedom.  This is when we get to experience the joy of what it is to be alive right now in this moment, no matter what shit is happening around you, and feel totally alive and exactly where you are meant to be.

Awareness is a journey. 

It takes time to let go of all the shit that we have accumulated along the way that really is not us.

YOU are totally worth it.

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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