How would you explain what I do?

You are my Life Coach – what life coaching should be anyway.

It’s about gaining perspective on yourself in order to make the moves and decisions that are according to your best interests.

Often people don’t have the time, the energy, capacity or perhaps even the thought to look in on who they are and what makes them the way they are. Therefore, they don’t get the opportunity to ask themselves the questions that help them gain the perspective.  This work is important and so deep and complex that you need someone to help navigate the complexities that make you, you. And then how to interrelate that with life and with what’s going on, on a grander scale.

How do you express the worth of it?

From my experience, the support that you offer is invaluable. When times got really tough for me, you were a wonderful support. Everyone needs the kind of support you provided me, especially now, where people are searching for and wanting to find happiness and joy in their lives.  You have been with me in tough times, flourishing times, when its time to sow and when its time to harvest, when its time to work hard. You have supported me in all areas.

Your coaching work is ongoing and massive growth is involved. It encompasses self-empowerment, transformative inner journeys, therapy, coaching, personal mastery and self-mastery. To know they self and to master navigating who you are and what you have come to express and succeed at. It feels like getting the instruction manual on how to steer the wheel of your life.

You are brilliant at what you do.


Emmanuelle Brown

Pilates Instructor, Pilates Method

Lynda, thank you again for working your magic with me.

I started my Art Therapy and Yoga Business in 2016 and had been working in the field of mental health since 2005.  

I had no prior business background but a strong passion for working with and helping children, adolescents and their families, paired with a deep unhappiness with working within a large, corporate system. I needed change and to be my own boss.

To attract clients, I feverishly posted flyers, handed out brochures, business cards, advertised online, attended public events and street fairs, and worked very hard to “get my name out there.” Some of that very hard work paid off and within a few years, my business began to take off. However, I was very tired and unhappy in many ways.

I was not charging the industry standard or truly valuing my time/skills/expertise, many clients were not the right fit, and I was desperate to fill up my caseload. I had bills to pay and a family to provide for.

If I was pursuing my dream career, why wasn’t I happy? Where were all of the clients?

I became fearful and bent over backwards to succeed. This went on for some time and in a burnt out and resentful state, I reached out to Lynda for support.

I never heard about BG5, but other work I completed in the past with her was amazing, so I stepped forward not knowing what to expect.

6 Months later:

  • I have quit my 3 part time corporate jobs I was working to support my business,
  • I have a full caseload with a waiting list,
  • I am so much more comfortable surfing the waves of change,
  • I am charging a fee I’m very satisfied with,
  • I carefully screen potential clients and have turned many away because they were not the right fit for me,
  • I am no longer afraid for the future of my business,
  • I stand in my personal and professional power, and I truly understand what I’m meant to be doing.

Each of us is specifically and perfectly designed to carry out our purpose and when we work against our individual grain, we suffer and struggle.

BG5 is incredibly powerful, simple, profound, and felt like a coming home, a reminder of what I knew to be true, as well as a treasure trove full of information on how I can make better decisions based on my design.

Society has taught me that “hard work pays off”. BG5 has taught me that sometimes the best thing to do is stop working so hard for success, get right with myself, centre, and let the universe provide.

Letting go of what does not work and what is not for me has been incredibly freeing and has opened so many doors!


Cathy Rosa

After our Human Design Sessions together one of my biggest AHA’s and what I found the most helpful or valuable was seeing how much energy I have and where to allocate it wisely.

I really enjoyed being able to talk openly during our sessions together.

I have noticed how I have been able to practice not interacting with people that are not uplifting to me. 

The biggest transformation since working together is my ability to no longer react to negative criticism. 

The biggest impact I have seen is how much calmer I am now in my everyday activities. 

I am now able to listen to my YES and NO and this has been empowering for me. 

I would rate my sessions with Lynda as 5 out of 5!

David Cleary

It has been just over a year since Lynda performed a distance attunement on me.
The experience itself was simple. She communicated easily leading up to, during and post attunement.
I really had no idea what to expect but cannot express how grateful I am that we
crossed one another’s paths.
I had been going through a tremendous life change, which stretched out over many years and, where I had been coping well with it, I needed something. Lynda was able to connect to
feelings which I certainly hadn’t discussed with her and more importantly identified something I hadn’t realized, I hadn’t addressed for myself, in my healing process. It was a true revelation for me.
The months following were some of the most difficult of my life which sounds terrible however, I feel like the energy shift pushed my situation forward and helped everything fall into place.
The meditations she sent me I still listen to. She provided me suggestions/techniques to shield my energy which resonated with me more than any other practices I have tried in the last
Lynda Gaiao has a true gift.
If you are seeking balance and clarity she can certainly help you find the right path.
I am forever grateful.
Merissa C

I had a session with Lynda today and it was absolutely amazing.

The way she connected with me, with what’s going on within myself and my energetic field and all the advice and practical tips she shared with me during our session was absolutely mind blowing.

I am so grateful with you Lynda as you have given me a few tools that I can implement throughout my life and business journey to ensure I stay aligned, in flow and on purpose. Thank you !


Beatriz Guevara

Lynda connected extremely well with my energy and gave me the insights that I couldn’t find on my own as well as pointing out my strengths and weaknesses and a strategy to connect in a stronger way with my energy flow.

Lynda started the session well prepared and already connected with my space and made me feel comfortable straight away and made working with her a very pleasurable experience.


David Cleary

Beautiful Beautiful reading.. Lynda totally got my sitiuation and where my heart was at.. she is gifted and gave me great insight and thoughts on how to process through.. Plus I love the singing bowls and the flute and all the amazing background sounds.. It took me to where she was at..
Loved ????

Raina Irene

I was lucky enough to receive a mini-reading from Lynda recently. She packed the mini-reading with insights, some magic, and even a little music. She was able to bring forth truths that I have felt cystallizing inside of me and illuminate them, and I’m still absorbing her wisdom. Highly recommend!

Yvonne Mulhern

I had a reading from Lynda and it was so very personal and insightful. I felt like we were sitting together but we are miles apart. She addressed my questions and I believe she is very accurate on what I have suspected already. I really appreciate her guidance. I highly recommend her services and I will be back again.

Debbie Hardy

Thank you so much Lynda for a wonderful reading. It was all spot on and gave me plenty to think about and work with. Your use of the singing bowl and Native American drone flute added unique touches. Everything about the reading resonates with me. Keep up the good work! HIghly recommended!!! Yours in love and light, Jonathan Brandstater

Jonathan Brandstater

Loved the singing bowls and background music. Insightful reading that is spot on as to what I need to work on! First experience working with a healer…very pleasant experience!❤️❤️❤️


DeeAnn Hammond

Lynda is a lovely soul who has great insight into your situation creating peace, validation and confidence on your life path. I highly recommend working with Lynda on your spiritual journey to gain clarity and truth into your situation you need guidance on.


Jodi Heisz

Lynda is a beautiful soul and gentle heart. I recently did an EVA session with Lynda and it was a moving experience more so because she is my wife of 10 years and therefore knows me intimately. The fact that she could connect and discover things that have been on my mind that I have not shared with her surprised me but even more than that, it showed me how truly connected she really is.
I came away from the experience revived, grounded and with better insight and direction to challenges I’d been working through on my own. Lynda, I know I found my soul mate when I met you and you are one of the most talented and gifted people I know. Connect, nurture, teach and heal others as these are the gifts that you have been born with. I love you.


Eddy Gaiao

Lynda undoubtedly connected with my grandfather, and the messages given were clear and appropriate.

She naturally picked up on the source of death and was able to ascertain who she was connecting with. Very easy to talk to, completely at ease with lynda- she has an amazing gift! I left the reading feeling content that my grandfather had come through and don’t even doubt it was someone else.


Chantale Lefebvre

Lynda connected to me in an unprecedented depth and was able to read everything going on inside of me, as well as explain how to overcome internal barriers preventing me from freeing myself. Attempting to explain to people how I felt always left me dissatisfied and like I myself couldn’t understand the battle I was fighting, but Lynda was able to lend me clarity so I could finally begin to deal with what I had suppressed.

Elizabeth Ivanova-Gibson

Lynda thank you for your healing and energy reading. It was amazing. I loved the singing bowls. I felt so up lifted and hopeful after. You were spot on. I felt such high vibrations afterwards and set more goals to work on in the future. ?  I liked your up beat energy and guidance. Thanks Lynda.

Joanna Lockyer

I can’t believe how accurate Lynda was at describing the physical and emotional turmoil I was experiencing at the time of her doing the vibration alignment for me. Not only was she 100% accurate with her description but she also left me an invaluable resource to use in order to heal myself. Since she aligned my energy, I haven’t had much trouble coping with the heaviness I was experiencing as it simply isn’t there any more!! The problems where my issues arose from are still there – however my ability to cope with the stress and pain those problems were causing me has improved 10 fold. I would highly recommend this to someone who knows they have something difficult to deal with or attend to but just don’t have the emotional or physical energy to do it or just felling overwhelmed by something. Lynda is a phenomenal spiritual and psychic worker and I would recommend her in a heart beat. Thank you so much Lynda!! Xxx

Jennah Leigh

Thank you Lynda for bringing your amazing gift to the world! Your reading was beautiful, incredibly accurate and your energy was so calming and supportive. From the moment I tuned in I was captivated. Your words deeply resonated with me and where I’ve been at. Look forward to connecting again with you soon gorgeous lady! X

Dawn Lee

Thank you Lynda for your amazing insight. The week I worked with you I had a lot going on and the insight you gave me was so clear it was hard to believe you were reading me from across a phone and not standing physically in the room with me. The insight was amazing. Your insight was also validated by other trusted connections of mine independently which just affirmed for me how amazing your talent is. Thank for your insights and for part in helping me shift that energy. I really appreciated it. I would highly recommend that people work with you.


Helen Smith

I had a mediumship reading with Lynda and it was lovely. My Grandmother came through and Lynda described her to a “t”. I had no doubt it was her, based on several specific details and personality traits she discussed. My Grandmother knitted a blanket and it was passed down several generations, I somehow acquired an odd clock from her that I love, and when these items were mentioned, that confirmed it for me. It was as if she was describing a person sitting right next to me. It made me laugh because my Grandmother was a character with a strong personality and she really picked up on that. The messages that came through were comforting and absolutely spoken as if coming from my Grandmother. It’s nice to know she is watching over me. I was at peace with her death and our relationship and it was confirmed that she was too. What a gift that is. Lynda has a way with words, is a phenomenal communicator, is supremely sensitive and accurate, and the experience felt so respectful and right. I highly encourage anyone to tap into Lynda’s gifts. She’s a remarkable person and I’ve had several readings, healings, and other services performed by her and I’ve always been amazed with the results.

Cathy Rosa

Thank you so much Lynda! Your reading for me had some great insight and addressed several questions that I had literally been asking myself for two days prior. It really helped me continue moving in a positive direction and open up to the messages I am supposed to receive. Very grateful to have connected with you : )

Jamie Elorriaga

Amazing insights as well as the journey. I loved the process and thankful for the experience.

Louise Trinidad

I’ve had several truly inspiring and accurate readings from Lynda. She is incredibly empathic and truly gets ones situation and always offers great advice and insight.

Ashleigh Richter

Your sessions are so great. It felt against the grain to carve out time for myself at first but when I felt how much happier I was, I could express it and live it, instead of stress. I went to yoga tonight while my husband and daughter were at the mall ? I painted for 3 hours after I put her to bed. I felt connected to myself and could connect with my husband. I feel clear and the things you said to me were things I needed to hear, in a way that sank in. I love the wholeness meditation and coming from that place of power. I’ll definitely be back ♡♡♡ Thank you!

Cathy Rosa

Lynda is a truly amazing being, and I was fortunate to have my BG5 Design uncovered with her.

She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and passionate about what she teaches.

I felt so safe and guided by her!

During my BG5 Design sessions with Lynda I laughed and cried, while gaining insight after insight.  Lynda covered so many areas of my life where I have felt confused, uncertain and even angry. Through BG5 Design and with Lynda asking very specific questions, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of acceptance and allowance. I felt I was allowed and encouraged to be my unique self in a new way.

I listen to the recordings over and over again, every time I seem to learn something new or uncover yet another layer of my design.

After my sessions with Lynda, I feel I live more in alignment with my design, with less stress and resistance than before. I also appreciate that Lynda seemed to know exactly how much input she should give me.

BG5 is a massive field to dive into, and I know I could have gotten easily overwhelmed. The way Lynda held space for me while giving me input, was perfectly balanced.


Katarina Jansson-Mackey

What was your biggest “Ah-ha” from our Human Design Foundation sessions together?
When I rambled about my life and she stopped me to show me how my mind told stories about myself and how I need to move past the stories. That was a life-changing moment that stayed with me and I have since been watching how I speak and what I say for more signs.

What did you enjoy the most?
Everything. She gives amazing advice and direction.

What was the most helpful/valuable part of the session/s?
I was insecure at first and I didn’t know if I could ask questions or just listen, so I appreciated when she would ask me if I had questions because it helped me understand how to communicate. For the second session, I felt a lot more confident in myself.

Anything else you would like to share?
The imagery and comparisons were all really helpful to understand these abstract concepts. Thank you!


Monica Rexach Ortiz

Lynda provides a very non-biased approached to the human design teachings, which is really refreshing. She simply explains the information and results and offers her mountain of knowledge with an awesome humbleness. I can feel she genuinely wants myself and others to live to their full potential using this system.

The tools I’ve been given from Human Design have helped me integrate and understand more about the fabric of who I am and my journey of self enquiry through the previous work I had done using plant medicine, breathwork and other modalities .

Human Design at this time in my life has given me a sense of balance, awareness and how I can show up as the best version for myself and others around me in this life.


Timmy Noad

“Hi Lynda, I wanted to say thank you so much for the (#humandesign) reading… It’s spot on. And it’s the second message today to say wait… Slow down… So there’s definitely a message I need to listen for… Thank you once again…. This is amazing….”

July 2018

Paddy Pahalad

What was your biggest “Ah-ha” from our session together?
There are so many to choose from, but knowing and living into my self-worth and my unique gifts.

What did you enjoy the most?
Having a user-manual of sorts on myself. Some of it was humorous because it was so spot on.

What was the most helpful/valuable part of the session/s?
Processing how I currently get in my own way, reviewing and recognizing my strengths and attributes.

Anything else you would like to share?
I was really blown away by the sheer amount of information and how applicable it is. Much of the information is so simple yet profound!


Cathy Rosa

Lynda was great very spot on with her connection. I loved the fact that she read completely different to anyone I’ve been to before. I’ve taken the information and worked with and have felt a shift since the reading. Great reader and looking forward to seeing what her teachings and courses can bring in the future!!


Belinda McKnoulty

“Thanks to Lynda Gaiao for spot on readings. They inspire me and are just what i need on my journey. I really appreciate her warmth, encouragement and wisdom. Angel hugs and blessings!”

June 2018

Jonathan Brandstater

Amazing reading. Thank you so very much. You read for me and my partner separately a few hours apart, and both readings were spot on. We both got the same message about our relationship and everything else covered was so spot on…Amazing Gift. Thank you for sharing.

Glinys Edwards

Just don’t know where to start??Gratitude Fulfilled?Accuracy to The Point?Connecting with Loved Ones?Gob Smacked I Was?Unbelievable?YOU TRULY ARE BLESSED SPIRITUALLY Inside and Out. Thank you, thank you, Thank you????

Chrissy Levaai

Lynda was able to catch on to my energy and tell me what exactly what I needed to do to get out of the slump that I’m in. Thank you, Lynda!


Cindy Lp

What a wonderful reading – highly recommend ! Looking forward to my next one ❤️

Sharon Turley

Lynda’s energy reading was very accurate, she truly captured the essence of me and where I am at in my life right now. Her reading helped to confirm a recent big decision I’d made and gave me renewed hope for the future. So grateful ?

Claire Bendall

Thank you Lynda for the amazing reading!! I have had other readings however this one hit true for me on all levels. I appreciate your gentle and kind wording and your follow up with me after the reading. 

Anita Cosgrove

I had the special chance to work with Lynda as she was developing the Energy Vibration Alignment sessions. Her ability to connect to my energy, help me see some hidden areas and give me tips on ways I could shift my energy were invaluable. I still listen to the visualization that she sent me as part of my session.

If you are looking for help with your energy or stuck in a place that you are unsure of why, give Lynda a try. She is skilled, nurturing and truly cares about the healing of others. Many blessings ♥♥♥


BJ Byrd

Thank you for connecting with me recently, I’ve never had a energy reading before but it all made so much sense. I put into practice clearing out the negative and sad energy and it already worked in my favour. I feel amazing and have a positive feeling moving forward.  Definitely would recommend you and your kindness to anyone out there looking for guidance within themselves.

Thanks again


Heather Palmer

Oh you gorgeous woman … THANK YOU. What an absolutely beautiful and powerful and accurate reading. Everything you said about my work resonated with me and confirmed to me what my heart knows. I am on the right track and I simply must keep unfolding, opening and shining my work into the world through my heart. I had tears of relief in your reading and sweet tears of knowingness. 

Kim Newing

I was at a point of almost complete up-heaven in life. My stress was so high that my body hurt. I felt heavy, sick, stuck, and petrified of all the life changes and moving on. When we spoke, she immediately felt where my body was holding tension and felt my energy. I didn’t even realize how off-kilter I was. I layed down and felt soft tingles, like a perfect, safe blanket. I felt safe, nurtured, and slept. I woke up and my feet were light. It was gone. I wanted to move. I didn’t experience doomsday thoughts. She wrote back to me and basically gave me a summary of what’s going on energetically, some things I can do about it, and a whole new way of looking at things that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. It was so poignant and right on. It really did shift my energy and now every day I’ve been doing Reiki self sessions, taking a hot bath, doing some form of detox, and being kind to myself. I really think that what Lynda does is a spiritual tune up. Do this for yourself. Thank you Lynda ♡

Cathy Rosa

Yesterday I had an EVA session with Lynda, and oh my gosh. At first I was confused because it was a little different to a normal energy session where it would all happen online in front of the person. Instead she connected with me and then sent the audio of the mediation. I have listened to it twice now and each time I have gotten ann intense feeling of the healing modalities and she has been spot on with every single thing. Thank you Lynda, I would highly recommend and I will have another one soon!  


Emma Nally

Lynda is such a beautiful soul. She truly dedicates her time and energy into her abilities and blows me away with her tenderness. She was able to connect with my grandmother and it was a very comforting experience. I’m forever grateful for Lynda!


Heather Grey

Lynda’s energy reading was spot on with what needed to be dealt with first .  From there , a flow of inside connection happened. I have had many readings in my life and each time i have had one, I get shown something that I was not consciously aware of at that time. Good readings help me towards finding suitable solutions.


Des Quint

Thank you, My recent connection was a very moving and emotional experience. I have never felt this before. I have been following your guidance on clearing sadness and negativity, and am feeling much more at ease. You are a beautiful and gently soul and I am grateful to you, I feel saved. I would recommend to anyone who is in need of soul guidance to come to you.


Tracey Magee

Lynda is very patient, thorough and really gives you the time it takes rather than cutting you off on the clock. She is not just a healer, she speaks to you like a friend…as it should be. I felt immediate shifts in my mind and body and continued to feel feelings of release, expansion and re calibration in my gut and head. I am still healing daily and already feel a big difference. My reactions are more detached, less intense and shorter lived. I look forward to seeing what I’m like a few weeks from now!


Charlene D'labaj

Wonderful reading I just had very very accurate it was beyond perfect and what I needed to hear….100% spot on with very good information….can’t thank you enough ���

Kate Mcilroy

Thank you for your reading for me.

I actually found it quite thought provoking. As if it is an invitation to go beyond the superficial agreement which can often be my reaction to some readings I receive.

And I can definitely relate directly to the themes which came up during your reading.

Very helpful.

David Durham

Wow! Lynda, you are one switched on lady and in alignment with the energetic fields around you. Your reading was so on point and helpful. Thank you!

Laurinda Janlewicz

Thank you Lynda for your webinar. It was helpful to really dive deep into considering the energy I am in when I put my offers and work on my business. Thank you for all the work that you do.
December 2017


Lynda Gaiao your reading is so on the mark. Thank you for sharing your gift and the reminder of what it is I need to refocus on to heal and move forward.
June 2018

Rosa Ghidella

Having worked with Lynda over 8 weeks has been a true gift. You will transform in ways you didn’t believe possible and the insight is priceless.

January 2018

Bev Roberts

Thank you for the powerful reading and your time. You are a wealth of information and I appreciated your wisdom and gentle guidance.

December 2017

Amber Malone

Lynda, I want to thank you for taking the time to write this out ! Your words resonated strongly with me, and it inspires me to pursue further into this! ?I feel like you really describe a significant aspect of myself, and it is so helpful at this moment in my Life.,.!

July 2018

Kyle Christopher Wells

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