Welcome gorgeous souls. My name is Lynda Gaiao. I am a psychic healer and soulful business coach. This is part one of a four-part series. In this series I will be chatting to you about energy. Energy in direct relation to attracting a steady flow of clients into your soulful business. (watch the video or continue reading)

The reason why I want to talk about energy is because I believe it’s foundational to everything we do. It’s the foundation to our existence on this planet and in this life. With that in mind I’m going to step right into this week’s topic.

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Is stress our friend or is it our foe?

In my work that I do with my clients I pick up on stressful energy. I have found that stress comes in three different forms.

  1. Stress as a DRIVER
  2. Stress as a MANIPULATOR and
  3. Stress as a DESTROYER

As you read through this episode, I want you to notice – How is stress showing up in your life? I will also be sharing a gorgeous exercise that could really help you to connect more into the energy within your system and to deal with stress and stressors in your environment in a more effective way.

Stress as a destroyer

Our environment, our lives, especially in the western world, are so busy. Full of high tech. Full of go-go-go, busy, busy, busy all the time. We are consistently in this space where we feel like we need to help everyone, be everything for everyone, do everything by ourselves. The old structures of having community, and the idea of a village raising a child don’t seem to exist anymore. This means that we are trying to run a business, manage a household and look after kids – all by ourselves. We are trying to do so many different jobs.

It can be so overwhelming.

Before we know it, we have more on our plate than we can possibly handle on our own. Things start to crumble and to crash. On an energy level, you have overwhelm, anxious and stressful energy for extended periods of time, which ultimately causes you to crash. Unfortunately, what often comes with this is a negative thought loop. Not only do we have stressors in our environment but our thoughts and our mental patterning around it is negative too. We end up going in this downward spiral and crashing more and more and more. It is becoming a well-known fact that stress has been linked to almost every single illness that exists. If you are struggling with energy levels, feeling fatigue and have physical symptoms that are causing you to feel unwell or to have disease in your body, then very likely the factors that caused and perpetuated this are stress related. By understanding this and by a knowing where you’re at, we can make trim some changes. The problem with stress at this level, this overwhelming level, this all-encompassing level is that it’s difficult to function in our day to day lives.

  • People described their energy as being heavy.
  • That they are in this “goop”,
  • They have a fog around their heads
  • They find it difficult to concentrate.
  • It’s difficult to focus.
  • It’s difficult to navigate their way through their day-to-day life.

As a soulful entrepreneur, that is here to heal, inspire, teaching and to uplift. When our own energy is “yucky” it’s very hard for us to do our job, to really serve people in the way that we desire to. Our connection to our own intuitive wisdom and guidance, our connection to our heart space is seriously diminished. In addition, attracting clients into our business when our own energy in this yucky, sticky, heavy space, is extremely difficult. We cannot be in a serving energy, or a serving mode, when we are stressed at this level.

Stress as a Manipulator

The second way that stress shows up is as a manipulator. As a manipulator, stress can really be a driver in our lives. It brings in this rush of energy that gets things done. If you have been stuck in a place for a while and having this stress energy suddenly injected into your life, pushes you forward and moves you along. The problem is that it can end up being a little bit addictive. You start wanting to have stress. You start craving stress, because when it is around, you feel things change. Things move in your life. The danger with this though is that you can become addicted to it. You can become dependent on it. The step from having stress as a manipulator in your environment to slipping into the destroyer stage is quite easy. This is where you need to become an investigator in your own life. Checking to see if you are starting to rely on caffeine or sugar hits. On things that bring in stress energy. Where do you feel like you are thriving on stress? Start noticing how often you are doing this and where is it leading to? How frequently are you stepping into the stress space?

Stress as a Driver

The top-level way that stress appears in our lives is as a driver. Stress in small doses, in measured doses is extremely helpful. It can really be our friend. It is a driver. It does move us forward. It does propel us. It can bring out courage in us and it can get us to step out of our comfort zones. It can be so effective in shifting energy and moving us into new spaces. Measured doses are the key though. Once we start moving into that manipulator phase and into the destroyer phase is when we’ve gone too far. It’s so important as a soulful business owner and entrepreneur for us to balance and measure our stress levels. I want to give you a few tips, on how to help you with that. We’ve come here in the physical body and it’s our vehicle. When we abuse or mismanage this physical body we will end up in the destroyer phase of stress where we feel too unwell to do anything. We feel like we can’t function. Knowing how you manage this physical vehicle, how you treat it, is extremely important. Diet and nutrition, plenty of water, rest and good sleep are all factors that are important in our lives on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We need to feel a balance between rest, recuperation and rejuvenation and this go go-go, push energy. We need to feel balanced and wholesome. Our environment is essential in health and balance. The home you live, whether you are surrounded by nature or not. The types of people you are around. How toxic is your environment? Do you have a lot of chemicals? Do you have a lot of smog or smoke in your environment? These are all stressors. If we have a lot of stressors in our environment that are affecting us from the outside, it can definitely have a massive impact on our physiology. We need to be aware of these and do what we can to balance them out. For some people it may feel impossible to make any changes to their environment, to the factors outside of them that are stressors. You do have a choice though about what you think and feel about these outside factors. When stress comes up, you can manage your internal world, and therefore you can manage how your internal physiology responds to the stressors. Having safety and support in your environment is a huge contributor in reducing stress levels. If you are unable to receive safety and support from your eternal environment, then you need to learn to create it within your internal environment.

Everything starts within us.


This exercise can be extremely useful in helping you to gain some distance between yourself and the stressors around you. Most of us internalize everything. We absorb stress into our physical being and allow it to infiltrate our cells on a cellular level. Our entire physical body is made up of cells, and when we hold stress in our cells it manifests into disease and into illness. This exercise uses a combination of mindfulness, meditation and visualisation. What you initially become aware of and notice when you start with this exercise is most likely what is on the surface. There are very possibly many layers beneath the surface layer and so repeating this exercise will enable you to tap into all the layers and for you to reach the root cause of the stress.

  1. Start by tuning into your physical body and notice where you are holding stress. Where do you feel it?
  2. As soon as you’ve identified a place in your body where you can feel the stress, allow yourself to sit in that energy for a while. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but we will only stay here for a moment.
  3. Using your imagination, begin to create a picture of what the stress looks like.
  4. Once you have a clear picture, begin pulling the stress out of your physical body. Extracting it and placing it a few meters outside of your physical body. Pull it all out and place it in front of you where you can observe it.
  5. You are creating a separation between what is you, and what is the stress. There should be two separate entities. You and the stress.
  6. What you will notice now, is that there is space between you and the stress entity. With this space comes clarity, a bit of detachment. This ability to observe it but not be connected to it on a cellular level.
  7. When we observe something in this way, from a third person perspective, it allows us to see it in a different way. By being able to see it in a different way, creative energy flows in which allows us to figure out, or these genius moments pop into mind. These allow us to navigate, to create solutions and to forge a new path. With this new energy we can now resolve or dissolved the stressors.
  8. The first time you try this, the creative energy may not flow in, but at the very least what you would have created is some space. Some breathing room between yourself and the stressor. This breathing room gives you an opportunity to stop and take a deep breath. With this breath, calming and peaceful energy will flow into your heart space and into your physiology. This will bring some balance in for you.

Take some time to play with exercise and see how it works for you. If you have any questions or comments about it, then just let me know. This brings us to the end of part one of a four-part series. In the upcoming episodes, we will look at three other energy practices that are restoring, rejuvenating and uplifting. Each of them helping you to step more fully into your business as a soulful entrepreneur. Have a beautiful magical day. Namaste.