What does wait to respond mean?

 You know what you want in life and you are out there trying to get it.

You’ve got it all mapped out, and are striving ahead to achieve all you have ever dreamed you would.

Then you meet Human Design and are told to WAIT TO RESPOND or WAIT FOR THE INVITATION!

What the HECK do you do now?

In Human Design we all have a strategy, that when followed, leads us towards living the life we were designed to live.  The strategy is based on energy, and how life flows towards us.

In today’s world we are all highly accustomed to going after what we want.  

Very few of us are taught to wait. 

To allow life to come to us.
To sit back and watch life.

Yet in Human Design, all strategies have an element of waiting. Of allowing life to come to you, rather than you: 

  • Initiating
  • Forcing
  • Pushing
  • Striving
  • Goal Setting 

For most people, when they meet Human Design and learn about a strategy that is:

  • waiting to respond or
  • waiting for an invitation,

they have no idea what his means, or how to follow it. 

In this video, I chat about some practical examples of what it means to wait for life to come to you and how when you follow your strategy some of the most amazing experiences come to you. 


Experiences that you could no have possibly imagined! 

  • Experiences that come to you with ease. 
  • Experiences that have little to no resistance around them.
  • Experiences that enable you to feel the joy and magic of living a the life that you were designed to live, rather than a life that you are chasing after that was never your idea in the first place.

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