Savour every moment and know that every encounter is intended to feed your soul. – Unknown

Everyone is seeking happiness in their lives in some form or other.  In this seeking though we can often forget to savour each moment along the way.

Savour every moment.I often make comments like “I just wish we could go on that trip, imagine how much fun it would be” or, “I just wish this pain in my back would go away so that I can enjoy my day more.”

How many of our precious moments here do we spend wishing them away?  Wishing for a different moment for some future moment that may never come?


What does this moment have to offer you?

And then when we do go on that trip, we may have an amazing time and then at some point we wish we could be home.  When that pain in our back is gone, we don’t even celebrate it, we just move onto the next thing.

While I can admit that it isn’t always easy, I have started being more opening and willing to explore and savour each moment that comes up for me.  Now with the moments that one would typically label as “bad” or unpleasant – it is especially challenging.

How can I savour this moment?

When I become aware that I have pain in my back – instead of wishing it away, I attempt to be with the pain and experience it without labelling it.  What does this pain have to offer me in this moment? What can I take from this moment that I would otherwise not?

I came to the realisation the other day that if I lived to be 100 years old, then I only have 10 blocks of 10 years.  Generally, I have always thought of 10 years as being a really long time, but when you only have a possible 10 of these (probably less) it changes your perspective a little.   It has made me become more aware of the moments that I have available to me during this next block of 10 years.

I choose my experience of this moment

I have a choice in every moment of every day to be savouring that moment for what it is and for how it feeds my soul regardless of the labels I or anyone else may place on it.  Or I could spend my time wishing these moments away, never fully experiencing all that there is to offer for me to experience in this life.

How will you chose to spend your moments on this planet?

Sending you light and love.