Every now and then life gives us opportunities to STOP.

To break the habitual cycle of our daily lives and to SEE in a way we may not have seen before or have seen for a while.

A few weeks ago I injured my ankle and broke my fibula.  Having a broken ankle meant that I spent a lot of time sitting around with no much “to do”.

I noticed that my mind loves to keep me busy, racing from one task to the next.

While in this cycle of endless tasks one can easily be distracted – so busy that you forget to live in the present moment, you forget to be the observer or witness. Instead caught up in all the busy-ness.

In my human design journey I am becoming aware that my mind wants me to be distracted.

It wants to keep me busy. It is a strategy of the mind – to keep me from SEEING.

The opportunity to STOP allows you to see through the veil of deception. It enables you to just WATCH the mind rather than be controlled, directed and hood winked by it.

I have noticed that my mind loves to compare and contrast – showing me what I should do, what I should have done, what I must have, what I don’t have, who I should be, who I should have been…

As it races back and forwards between the past and the future it creates tension, stress and anxiety within me. Out of this arises a sense of lack, a sense of needing to do or to be something other than what I am in this moment. And from this my mind conjures up a task to be completed which it tries to convince me will right this sense of lack.

However when you just STOP and WATCH the mind and you don’t allow it to move you to action you begin to SEE that none of it is REAL.

For in this moment I AM PERFECT. LIFE IS PERFECT.

There is no lack. There is nothing to be fixed.

Life is just happening and I can sit back and enjoy the ride or I can fight and struggle against it.

Life is a fabulous amazing journey and I AM sitting back and enjoying the ride!

Time to stop and see.

This time to just stop and see gave me so much space to truly reflect and to be aware of my not-self mind. The mind that has an insatiable drive to control my life and to tell me what is wrong with me and how it can fix it.

I attended a major event and sat for 4 hours in one place, most of which I was all alone.  All around me there were people buzzing around – busy with life.

I felt almost invisible.

I noticed people who I have known for years walk right past me, stand in a group of people next to me, yet not even see me.

In the past I would have moved around, looked for people I knew, called out to people to “see” me. Each of these an attempt to “fix” what my mind was telling me needed to be fixed.

Yet on this night I sat and I watched.  I allowed my mind to do whatever it wanted to do, yet I did not allow it to move my body into action.

“YOU SHOULD BE SEEN” I could hear my mind screaming!

It was desperate to get me to do something to fix this. My mind latched onto my open ego and started telling me a story of worthiness. “NO ONE WILL EVER SEE YOU IF YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING!”

I sat back in my chair, getting more and more comfortable with just being the observer and the witness. I tuned into my unique frequency. I allowed myself to feel held by all life. To know to the depth of my being that those who need to see me will see me.

Over the 4 hours that went past, I had ONLY ONE deep and meaningful conversation. One person whose energy was open to hearing what I had to say.

I could feel the life force within me animate and the words just flowed.

Connection with another being at this level feels AMAZING!

I am here to SEE and to SHARE this SEEING when the others  TRULY WANT to know what I SEE.

There is no need for me to push or force, to be moved into action just because my not-self and my mind think there is something wrong with me that needs to be fixed.

When I know my AURA and use my STRATEGY & AUTHORITY, life comes to me PERFECTLY.

The time to STOP and SEE, has brought with it so many amazing gifts of awareness and a deeper inner knowing of ME.

As life happens around us, we need to begin to SEE the magic and perfection in each moment. We need to recognise that where we are is where we need to be.

Life truly is a magical gift, and in each moment you have the opportunity to see that or no.

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