Stepping into the world of Human Design has been an amazingly fascinating journey.

For so many of us we start our journey of self-discovery in the world of self-help and unfortunately this market place is littered with propaganda that tells us that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed.  The so called guru’s lead us to believe that we are flawed, and that they have something they can sell us that will fix what is wrong with us. They will share all these ideas and beliefs that if you follow will fix you.

If you see this please RUN!!!!!!

What I love about Human Design is that it starts with the premise that YOU ARE PERFECT. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing to be fixed.  There is ONLY letting go of what is NOT you, so that you can reveal, and SEE who YOU are. Which I already know is FREAKING AMAZING!!

You just need to see how FREAKING AMAZING YOU ARE!

In my 20 plus years of searching, I have never found a tool that is as effective as Human Design to show you the TRUTH of who you ARE! It is a tool to help you let go of what you are not – so that you can SEE, LIVE and BE who you were always meant to be.

I LOVE showing people thE TRUTH.

I love SEEING people emerge from under the layers of conditioning and start living as themselves. There quite simply is nothing more magical or amazing than TRULY SEEING someone.

Within Human Design there are some simple starting points that will help you with this journey. This journey back to self. To becoming a self-empowered being.

  1. Learn to see the mind and let go of power that conditioning has over you.
  2. Know your AURA type and trust the flow of energy around you.
  3. Live your Strategy – it will bring to you all that you need in this life.
  4. Follow your inner Authority – trust it implicitly – it will guide you to experience the magic you deserve.
  5. Do not believe anything I (or anyone else) tell you. You are the authority of your own life. NO ONE knows what is true for you EXCEPT YOU! Trust yourself.

Now you go and play and experiment!

Test, experiment, play – SEE how things work for you. Self-verify, validate. Until you know in the core of your being – this is how it works for you.  This is YOU. SEE the TRUTH for yourself.

Start living your life through the intelligence of your BODY and not your mind.

This is your path to truly knowing yourself.

Come and play!!

As a guide I can help you on this journey. I can guide you to know and trust yourself.

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