We all feel emotions, but does this mean that we should use our emotions as guide, a way to navigate through our lives?
  • Are our emotions a reliable and accurate tool to navigate with?
  • Can we trust them to guide us through our lives?
  • Can we trust them enough to make decisions from them?

Many of you may relate to making decisions while on an emotional high or an emotional low and then having to deal with the repercussions of these decisions.

In contrast you may have had a feeling about something, and trusted that feeling which resulted in the most amazing experiences for you. Human Design is an amazing tool to help us navigate through our lives. Within your design, it clearly guides you to the place you can go to within your body, within your form consciousness to make decisions that are correct for you.

Your inner authority is where you should make all your decisions from.

Only 50% of the population is emotionally defined, while 50% is not.  Essentially what this means, is that only 50% of the population can:
  • trust their emotions.
  • use their emotions to make their decisions from.
  • use their emotions to navigate their lives with.
For the remaining 50%, they should NOT trust their emotions.

Emotions are NOT the decision making tool for their lives.

In fact most of the emotions that they feel are not even theirs. This does not mean that they don’t feel emotions – they are just not the decision making tool for their lives. As someone who is undefined emotionally, I fall into the 50% that should NOT trust my emotions. When I first discovered this, I felt as if a weight that I had been carrying for years had been lifted from me.

My entire life I have felt bombarded with emotions.

For a very long time, I thought that all these emotions were mine. That I needed to DO something with them. If I was feeling these emotions then surely they were mine, and if they were mine then I needed to find a reason why – and then try to solve or resolve what was happening as a result.

As you can imagine, this has caused a lot of pain and suffering for me. 

Knowing that I am NOT emotionally defined has meant that I can step back and become more of an observer of the emotions, rather than feeling caught up in a whirlwind of emotions that often never made any sense to me. Knowing what your inner authority is, allows you to test and validate for yourself. 

You can begin to make decisions from your inner authority, from your form consciousness.

Each decision that that you make that is correct for you, guides you towards a life that is free of resistance. The pain and suffering that you have felt from making decisions that are not correct for you begins to fall away.

Where are you making decisions from and are they CORRECT for you?

If you would like to discover more about your human design, and delve into the Human Design Experiment, so that you can test and validate for yourself what your inner authority is, and how you can begin to make decisions that are correct for you, then you may want to book an UNDERSTANDING YOUR HUMAN DESIGN SESSION. I See You Lynda Gaiao
Connecting you to your soul power, to your inner guidance, so that you can make decisions that are CORRECT for you and live the life you are DESIGNED to live.