Self-doubt can be like a prison.  Blocking you off from what you deeply desire, what your soul wants.  

Having self-doubt is similar to having poison in your system.  It trickles in a slowly infects everything in your energy field.

The quickest way for you to destroy anything you have worked towards or are wanting to work towards, is to listen to your self doubt.

It starts off as a whisper and the more we strain to hear what it has to say, the closer we lean into listen, the louder the voice becomes.

Before we know it self-doubt has eroded or even destroyed all that we have worked towards.

Self-doubt is really is a BUZZ kill!  If you want to take your energy from a super high to a super low, then just entertain your self-doubt.

That amazing sparkly energy that we all have will become dull and lifeless when you allow self doubt to enter your thoughts and your space.  Self doubt is like a blanket that covers all your sparkle.

What does the energy of Self-Doubt feel like?

  • When I tune into my own body, as I talk about self-doubt I feel a heaviness in my stomach area / my solar plexus region.
  • All the muscles in this area start to squeeze up and tighten.
  • I start to feel pressure, like a weight on my shoulders.
  • It feels as if I am being pushed down, weighted down by this invisible weight on my shoulders.

Just imagine for a moment that you have this amazing idea, this wonderful thing that you want to bring into the world.  You have this beautiful sparkly bright energy, when you think about it, when you talk about it.

Then this little voice comes onto the scene and begins to whisper in your ear, it begins to tell you things like:

  • Who are you to think you can do this?
  • How could you possibly do this?
  • You don’t know enough.
  • You are not good enough.
  • Who would even want this?

What begins to happen to the sparkly energy? It begins to fade, it begins to disappear, and before you know what has happened, it’s gone.  All that is left is this yucky, heavy feeling.

The Solar Plexus chakra is your power center – the energy center that give us the courage to stand up and to step into the world with all our power and sparkle.

As you become more aware of your own energy you will begin to notice that when you allow self doubt to creep into your thoughts and your energy, that you will have some type of sensation or feeling in this region. Coincidence?  I don’t think so!

When we are connected to our amazing idea, our sparkle is alive.  When we allow self doubt to come in – it takes our power away.  We become dis empowered.

Where does our self-doubt come from?

It comes from years of us listening to other people tell us:

  • Who we are.
  • What we can do
  • How we should show up in the world.

This seems so strange doesn’t it?  That we would listen to other people, and let them tell us who we are, what we can do and how we can show up in the world?

Surely we know who we are better than anyone else could possibly know?

The problem is that when the listening starts, we are so young.  We don’t have the discernment, we don’t have the filters in place to be able to block things that do not resonate.  We end up allowing all the things that others say about us to enter into:

  • Our space,
  • Our energy,
  • Our energy system,
  • Our consciousness,
  • Our sub-conscious,
  • Our thoughts.

Before we know it we have all these little niggling pieces all over the place telling us who we are, who we are not, and how we cannot shine or show up in the world.

I understand how difficult this can be.  After all, its not as if you consciously want to doubt yourself, it just seems to show up, to creep into your space and has the potential to ruin everything for you.

There is some hope here, something we can be excited about.

Deep down on a soul level, we know the truth.

We know the truth in our hearts.  We know the truth in every single cell of our bodies, we know the truth within the entirety of our being.

All we need to do is to reconnect with it.  To find a way to hear it again.  To be able to listen to it again.  To be able to feel it again.

It all begins with awareness.

Awareness of when you have slipped back into, when you have allowed the self-doubt to creep into your space again. When you are aware – you can make a change.

In every moment we have a choice about how we react, about how we show up in the world.  About what type of energy we want in our space.

The energy of self-doubt does not feel good.

I spent years working with young children.  When they were too young to have the verbal skills to stand up for themselves and tell others that they did not like something, they were taught to put their hands up in front of them like a stop sign and say “Stop, I don’t like it”.

What I want to encourage you to do is to start becoming aware, start noticing when you have allowed that inner critic, that self doubt to creep into your space.

Just stop and say:

  • “Stop”
  • “This is no longer like me”
  • “From this moment forward I choose a different way.”
  • “I choose a different way to be.”
  • “I choose a different way to show up.”
  • “I choose to connect to a different energy.  An energy that serves me, an energy that lifts me, that lights me up, that brings my sparkle into the world in the most magical and authentic way.”

Be very aware of your power center.  Of anything going on there.  Notice times when you feel dis-empowered.  This will help you to start noticing the triggers, the things that are disconnecting you from your power.  From here you can become aware of what is going on for you in this moment.  Where have you allowed yourself to slip into this thought stream of self-doubt.

Then – what choice are you going to make in this moment to be in a space, to be in an energy that you choose, that you need, that you deserve.

You have the power to choose in this moment, a way of being that is so beautiful, so connected to your heart space, so connected to your soul.

So choose it.

Go out and shine your light beautifully and brightly.






Lynda Gaiao

Connecting you to your Heart & Soul