Hello, gorgeous people my name is Lynda Gaiao and I’m psychic healer and a soulful business mentor coach and facilitator.

This is a four-part series, looking into energy practices that are renewing, restoring, rejuvenating and that bring in gorgeous abundance into our personal lives and into our soulful businesses.

This is part two and this episode is focused on self-care.

I’m going to cover the aspects of self-care that I have picked up on, working as a psychic healer and focusing on the practices that are nourishing for you as an individual and for you as a soulful business owner.

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Why am I talking about self-care?

To me self-care is one of the base foundational platforms, or stepping stones for the rest of our businesses. If we don’t look after our energy and if we’re not aware of what brings nourishing, restoring and rejuvenating energy into our own physical being we are going to really struggle to serve and to support others.

What you find very often in this space of working as a soulful entrepreneur, is that people are so giving to others.  They are so nurturing to and for others. They are natural givers and servers.  It just oozes from them, this willingness and this desire to help others.

The problem is, that so many people forget to nurture and nourish themselves and before very long they burn out, they suffer from chronic fatigue, or have some type of illness that is surfacing in their world because they haven’t really connected into their own energy and understood what they need to feel supported, nurtured and uplifted.

Self-care practices are all about connecting into your own energy. Feeling into what is it that you truly need in order to get up each day, to feel full of aliveness and to be able to really shine and do the work that you’ve been called to do.

If you haven’t taken time to feel your energy, connect into it, to listen to your physical body, to tune into your mind set and into your thoughts and notice what is going on, you’ll find that having self-care that is nourishing, nurturing, supportive and uplifting is going to be a struggle.

The best place to start is to have practices that connect you into what is nourishing and nurturing for you.

I would suggest that you take some time and make a list of a hundred eleven (111) things that you love doing.  When you do them your light comes on.  You feel joyful.  You feel alive.  You feel sparkly from the inside out.

These don’t need to be high-cost items or things that you have to pay money for, because some of the simplest and free things can be the most uplifting and the genuinely self-caring that we can do.

What will you put on your list? Perhaps:

  • Taking a bath in Epsom salts and if you don’t have a bath make a rub of salts and rub it all over your body. Nurture yourself. Feel the love, and, then have a shower.

I would really like to encourage you to persist with this activity and keep going until you have a list of 111 gorgeous self-care activities.

Start by reading the items that you’ve written on the list and just notice how purely the act of thinking about them, or visualising going to do them changes and shifts your energy.  Next, go and do one of them.  Do at least one thing every day to nurture you and uplift you.

Meditation time and contemplation time is crucial.

We are in a physical body with a mind.  One of the functions of the mind is to think and it will think thoughts directly related to the strongest energy pushing into your life at the time.

Are you aware of what energy is around you?  What energy is affecting your energy and your thoughts?

Are you in tune with your own energy?

When we are not aware, and we are not in tune, our thoughts will default into a cycle.  It can sometimes feel like our thoughts are on a hamster wheel, going around and around in circles.  Never really getting us anywhere.

To get out of that hamster wheel, to get out of that cycle of negativity and thought loops that really put us into a crashing space, we need to be aware of what’s going on.

A meditation practice, a contemplation practice or journaling process where you can connect into that mind space and you can start to see into that world is a crucial for self-care.

Diet and nutrition are crucial elements.

Each piece of food that passes through our mouth and into our body, has an energetic signature, an energetic frequency.  Are you aware of and making conscious choices about the foods that you purchase and that you put into our body.  This allows us to be self-caring and self-nurturing.

There is some investigation into the idea around how the way we eat our food can affect us positively or negatively. Let me give you an example to illustrate.

Two people are eating a piece of cake.

The first person is absolutely enjoying it.  They allow every mouthful of that cake to be savoured. Each morsel that lands in their mouth is enjoyed.  They allow the energy and the joyousness of the cake to pass through their mouth and into their physical body.

In contrast, the second person has a series of thought that run through their mind with each piece of the cake that they bite into: “Oh my gosh, there is another calorie.  I’m going to be putting this on to my hips. I really shouldn’t be doing this. I’m doing something bad for myself right now. Why am I doing this. What’s going on for me?”

What are the effects energetically between these two different experiences of eating a piece of cake?

The first person, who experienced eating the cake as a joyful experience, more than likely won’t put on any weight, and won’t have any adverse effects in the physical body. While the second person would.  Everything we eat should be done to support the overall health and wellbeing of your body. This includes what we eat, and what we are thinking about what we eat.  If you are going to eat something that usually would not be in your regular diet, then make sure that the energy you bring to that experience supports you on all levels.  Enjoy rather than chastise.

Exercise is a crucial element.

Our bodies need to move. We need to move so we can move energy. When we are stagnant, our energy is stagnant.  You don’t need to be a hardcore athlete, but some form of movement where you get your body to move in some way each day is important for the flow of energy.

We have energy meridians and energy centres in our body. Movement and exercise is one way to keep those energy centres flowing and moving.

A very beautiful and soft practice of movement is tai chi or chi gong which is specifically around breath and slow gentle movements which focus and moving energy in your physical body. Yoga is a beautiful practice that many are people involved in because it’s not only about moving the body, it’s about the breath and the mind. These are all self-nurturing practices.

Investigate and find a movement energy practice that is nourishing for you.

Having Fun

One of the aspects that so many people leave out when it comes to self-care is having fun and being playful.  If you look at young children, a large aspect of every moment of every day is around enjoyment of everything around them.  When they see something, they respond with such awe and such amazement at how glorious and how wonderful this world is around us. They are so playful, so curious, so light in their energy.  As we get older we become so serious.  We have a lot of heavy energy in our systems.

Working with playful energy is a wonderful way to bring a self-care practice into your life.  Think about what brings you joy.  What do you love to create? What could you spend ages doing, where you are just being immersed in a creative flow of energy and taking time to do that?

Individually Tailored

For each individual you need your own, tailored self-care routine.  Something that fits in with your life something that harmonises with your energy.  Something that feels almost effortless for you to do because the rewards and the enjoyment and the upliftment and nurturing of your energy that you receive from that – the benefits of it are so great that, there’s no way you could go without it.

Some people feel like they need to be held accountable.  If you are one of these people, then put a system in place that can help you to keep the checks and balances.   One thing I do know for sure is that unless we purposefully make time and purposefully dedicate time to our self-care practices it’s so easy for other things to fill that space. We will always be busy.  We will always have something to do.  Ensuring that you dedicate the time.  Ensuring that you take the time to be involved in your self-care practice.


Each one of us has had a mother of some type in our lives. That mother figure in our lives could have been extremely loving and nurturing or we may have had an experience that’s the opposite to that.  Regardless of that experience, this represents your external mother. The mother that has been in your life to provide a role of mothering to you. Often it sets up a precedence, a pattern for us around what mothering is about.

The question I want you to investigate within yourself today is: What type of mother are you to yourself? How mothering are you to yourself?

If you could you see two aspects of yourself, yourself as a newborn child and yourself as a mother:

  • How do you treat yourself?
  • How much care do you give yourself?
  • How much love do you give yourself?
  • How nurturing are you?
  • How supportive are you?
  • How compassionate are you?
  • How caring are you?

This role that we play for ourselves, this mothering role is crucial for self-care.

We are in control of that. We have the say about that.  However, very often I find people involved in soulful businesses can be the worst mothers to themselves. They can be so judgmental, so critical, so harsh, so unforgiving and so uncompassionate.

In the coming weeks as you start to investigate what self-care practice is in alignment for you, connected for you. Take some time to reflect on the what type of mother you are to yourself.  If you find something that is not nurturing, is not the way you would like it to be, then make a change and start being the mother to yourself that you would be to a newborn child.

Thank you for your time today.   I’d love to hear your feedback. Perhaps you want to share one of the hundred and eleven practices that you have dedicated to do for yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Thank you, beautiful people.

My name is Lynda Gaiao.