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Meet the Authors

Lynda Gaiao

Lynda Gaiao has 25 years’ experience in delivering programs which assist her clients in deepening an understanding of who they are. She is an excellent guide and facilitator, helping to break through to the core and uncover and encourage individuals to step forward as their most aligned and fulfilled selves. As an adviser she is here to lead and guide others and has invested her career in deepening her knowledge and understanding of how humans’ function, and how to achieve optimal performance in an aligned way as an individual and as a leader.

Her laser focused ability to see what is and what is not working has assisted her clients to move through challenges and toward freedom and success in an optimal and functional way. She is passionate about uncovering the mechanics behind how unique each one of us is and empowering individuals, teams and businesses to embrace and leverage that uniqueness to align to success.

She discovered Human Design in 2017 and has been studying and going deep into the system since then, including diving into BG5 – Human Design for Business. She is a certified BG5 Career & Business consultant, an OC16 Large Business Consultant, BG5 Career and Business Consultant, a Profit Potential Coach, a Human Design Professional Analyst and a Human Design Family practice specialist. In addition, she has over 7 years of psychology study behind her and has completed a cert 4 in training and assessment, a certificate in “Inspired Leadership through emotional intelligence”, a higher degree in Education as well as a master’s degree in education.

Lynda Gaiao
Lise Sepe

Lisa Sepe

Lisa Sepe, embodies the essence of a true manifesting generator, embracing a life of exploration and passion-driven pursuits. Her journey has been a tapestry of diverse modalities and experiences, reflecting her multi-passionate nature.

At the young age of 19, Lisa embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, fearlessly venturing into the world of business. As she honed her skills and navigated the challenges, she discovered her true calling in personal development and helping others. Her journey led her to become a High-Performance and Positive Psychology coach, where she has empowered a global clientele, guiding them to step into their best selves by cultivating new skills, fostering positive habits, and nurturing empowering mindsets. 

Discovering her own superpower in her human design, and integrating transformative guidance, Lisa now connects others with their unique strengths, and superpowers helping them manifest dreams and uncover deeper meaning in life. With her guidance, her clients discover a life of love and direction, along with total alignment filled with boundless joy and satisfaction.

Drawing from her expertise as a coach, along with her mastery of BG5 – Human Design for Business, and the Profit Potential System, Lisa excels as an astute business strategist, assisting individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations in achieving sustainable growth, maximizing their profits, and creating successful family & team dynamics.

live video calls with the authors in a private group

Join our private group with live monthly video calls with the authors, as we journey through the satisfaction journal.  Each month you get to bring deeper focus to your journey as a sacral being, and can share, ask questions and connect with other sacral beings.

What is human design?

Human Design is a blend of eastern wisdom and modern science. It guides you to trust your "knowing" and find your inner compass in life. It is a pathway to deep self-love and awakening.

Human Design provides a MAP for you to SEE and KNOW the AMAZING UNIQUE YOU.

It shows you that you are ALREADY PERFECT, and there is NOTHING to FIX.

That in order to live out your uniqueness, to just be yourself you just need to let go of what is NOT YOU.

The NOT-SELF is made up of all the CONDITIONING you have been exposed to and when you can SEE this, when you can KNOW and OBSERVE this, you can FIND YOU.

Human Design provides you with the EXACT map that you need to SEE exactly where your CONDITIONING is, and so enables you to LET it GO and SEE THE REAL YOU.

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