As a Generator or Manifesting Generator in Human Design you are designed to respond to life. Yet most of us have been brought up thinking that we need to go out and make things happen.

Learning to break free from this thinking pattern of going out and making things happen, and instead learning to trust the gut response, is a journey that all Generators take if they are to live according to their type and their decision making strategy.

All Generator’s are here to respond. Some are here to respond and then follow their gut, while others are here to respond and then wait for clarity. Regardless of which of these two is your decision making strategy, you will notice that they both start with responding.

What does respond mean?

This is a question that so many generators ask. It is essentially a yes, no or maybe response which originates within the body (and not the mind). For some it is a sound, such as

  • Uhu (yes),
  • Uh-un (No), or
  • Mmmm (maybe – which means no for now)

While for others it can be an energetic opening or closing. This sense of your energy being open to or close to whatever has come into your field of awareness.

The trickiest part in all of this is being able to distinguish between your body intelligence response, and a reaction that has come from the mind.

We are all deeply conditioned and programmed and what this means is that we can react, often subconsciously to stimulus around us. Perhaps we have had a similar experience in the past, one that we did not enjoy, and so if something comes up again which in some way triggers or activates our cellular or programmed memory around “something like this” it is highly probable that we will react – more from the mind, from the stored memory, about whether we want to go down that path again or not. The reaction that comes from the mind can be SO fast, lightening speed, it can even feel like a closing or opening of the energy, and so can easily be confused and mistaken for the body’s yes/no response.

Awareness is what breaks you free.

Over time and with practice, watching, witnessing and expanding your awareness, you begin to see and to recognise the difference between something that originates from the mind, even if it is a buried memory or conditioned response from a past event, and what is a true body intelligence response. It is through practicing and observing over time that you begin to notice the tricks of the mind, versus the complete honesty of the body. Each time you follow the mind over the body, you begin to see how things turn out, and the level of suffering that is endured as a result. 

The body’s intelligence is clear and simple

There is no story attached, no explaining of why, no listing of the pro’s and con’s, no need to convince. The message from the body comes through in a clear and simple fashion. It is either yes, no or maybe. The response is all about what is correct and healthy for you NOW. Not what was correct for you a week ago or what you might think would be the best for you in a month’s time. The body knows in the NOW, yes, no or not right now.

The more you tune into and learn to feel, recognise and TRUST the body intelligence, the body’s response, the more it will lead you toward all the things that are healthy, correct and JUST FOR YOU!

The mind hates simple

The mind will make things as complicated as it can.

  • It will spin up stories,
  • It will dredge up the past,
  • It will create a fear mentality.
  • It will bog down the process.
  • It will keep you stuck in old energy.
  • It will make you feel bad.
  • It will try to convince you that it knows the way.

Your path is Unique to you

Know one else knows your path but you. It is up to you to:

  • connect to your life force energy
  • to understand your aura
  • to know your decision making strategy
  • to trust that life is coming to you
  • to anchor into your power

When you follow these steps, you will consistently see the mind for what it is, and be able to tune into what your body has been trying to tell you your entire life. Your body knows, the way, all you need to do is to listen and trust.

Life will unfold magically for you when you do. 

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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