When someone who deeply cares about you offers you advice or suggests that you do something do you feel frustrated or even angry?  Do you find yourself responding sharply, possibly even angrily?

Why do we react like this?  Where is this response coming from?

How aware are you of your willingness to receive?

To be able to allow energy to flow inwards.  To sit back and to allow the energy of receiving to flow into your life?

On an intellectual level I thought I was fine with this but recently I have really been paying attention to and noticing how I am actually resisting receiving.

Rather than being able to receive and accept advice or help from others I immediately go into a defensive and protective mode.

I tuned deeply into this to find out what was going on and discovered that accepting “help” from someone else on some level was associated with failure on my part. If I needed help it meant that I was not good enough – and this feeling of lack triggered an emotional response of frustration or anger.

There was this feeling of needing to prove myself, to prove my worth and if someone else was sharing their idea of how I was to do something then I was perceiving it as my lack of ability to do something well.

What if I could instead be open to receiving, to see their advice or assistance as a way of receiving support and help.

What if receiving this has nothing to do with my ability or skill level, but rather to opening my heart more to allow gorgeous energy to flow inwards.

This is more of what I need to tell myself: 

  • I am amazing. 
  • I am totally able and capable. 
  • Thank you for caring enough about me to offer your support, advice and assistance. 
  • I willingly open my heart and allow energy, love and support to flow in.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you

In my journey as a teacher, a healer and a guide, the theme of receiving has been coming up so much recently.  There are so many of us that are resisting receiving.

We resist receiving love from ourselves and from others.  We resist receiving support from ourselves and from others.  We resist letting go of old ways of being and thinking so that we can allow receiving energy to flow into our lives.

We willingly and almost effortlessly give everything we are and have to others.  We treat them amazingly, we love them wholeheartedly, yet we do not extend this same level of giving back towards ourselves in the form of receiving.

If you could imagine yourself as two separate entities – the older version of you and the new born version of you.  How would the older version treat the younger version?

Now is the time to start loving and caring for yourself in this way.  Allow the energy of receiving to flow into your life, into your heart and into your soul.

You are worth it.


I see you.

Namaste Beautiful Soul

Lynda Gaiao
Guiding questioning hearts and mind’s to find their way.