In the work that I do with my clients we sometimes come across blocks that they have been experiencing repeatedly across their lifetimes. The tell me how frustrated they feel, as they seem to have tried every possible thing to overcome this issue in their current life. They have even explored their memories from their childhood to try and discover what might be causing this block, but nothing seems to make the changes that they are seeking.

Do you have an issue like this? A block, phobia or fear that you have tried to resolve and it just keeps resurfacing in your life? Then you might want to consider looking into your past lives to see if the issue is located there. There is a possibility that you have something that was not completely resolved in a past life, and you have carried this over into this lifetime and thus the difficulties surrounding this have carried over too.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Session

A past life Session may be what you need to locate and resolve these issues.

When you access your past lives, you reveal information that could assist you in healing issues and discovering deeper purpose in your life. During the experience, you could:

  • Access the source of your fears or phobias which could be linked to past life traumas.
  • Access the source of your physical issues
  • Connect to the source of blocks you have around people, places or objects.
  • Learn more about your karmic debts and the people you have connected with and shared lives with.
  • Reveal more about your soul’s path.
  • Energise talents and abilities from the past.
  • See personal relationships from a different perspective.

Preparing for the experience

Some people try a past life session simply because they are curious and want to find out what it is all about. Others use it as a path for personal growth and healing. If you have been considering a past life session you may want to keep the following in mind:

Open your Mind

Open your Mind


It is important for you to relax. If your body is tense and you are feeling stressed, then it will be very difficult to access the information from your past lives. You need to relax both your physical body as well as ensure that you are not mentally distracted during the process.

Don’t Analyse

The moment we go into analysing and stressing mode, we will stop the flow. So, if you are planning to engage in this experience, then you should put your analytical mind aside for a while and just allow the process to flow

Be the Observer

You need to take on the role of the observer during your past life session. Any judgement or checking facts and mentally judging of the process will disconnect you from the process. If you want to research the facts and dates and time frames, save that for afterwards.

Let go of fears

Are you afraid of what you might discover in a past life? What you might find out about the person you were or what you did? By being afraid of what you might discover, you will automatically cut yourself off from the full experience. Remember that you cannot control who you were or what you did in the past, you can only control who you are now and what you do now. So any information that you gain from the experience, it is up to you to choose how you will act and what you will do now.

Open your mind

If you spend your time wondering if what you are seeing is true or not, you will miss the opportunity of accessing flashes of memories from the past. The whole point of a past life session is to access the past so, be open to all that comes through, and take what you see seriously, not just dismissing it.

What to expect

Past Life Memories

Past Life Memories

Each person will have a different experience.  Most people experience a full sensory experience, and to a certain extent you may feel like you are reliving your past lives. It may come through in the same way as you would experience watching a movie, or you may only see a few vague flashes or images, like having a memory flash back. It may feel like you are having a vivid dream. You may even suddenly hear a loud noise, or smell a very distinctive smell. The emotions linked to these past lives and memories may come flooding back, prompting you to cry or laugh out loud. You may feel churning in your stomach or some anguish over the event. In the same way as you would recall a memory from your childhood, all the sensory information linked to that memory will come with it. You will experience your past lives in the same way, and they will pass quickly as you move through your life story.

Past Life Memory

Past Life Memory

Healing in action

Invite Healing

Invite Healing

One of the main reasons to experience a past life session is to heal wounds, and pain from the past. Each experience we have carries with it an emotional charge. These emotions are stored within us, right down to a cellular level. Memories from past lives are pushed into the subconscious and by accessing them through a past life session, we can release the emotional charge. By releasing the charge, we release the patterns associated with the charge. These are the patterns that keep us stuck and that block us off from reaching our full potential. As we heal wounds from the past, we heal wounds in our current life times too.

What next?

After your past life session what do you do with the information that you gain?

The aim of accessing information from your past lives is to use the information to improve the life you are living right now. It is about learning lessons, releasing pain, healing unresolved emotions and issues and working to create the most amazing life you can in this life. Don’t be tempted to live in the past, to wonder over what might have been. The life you are living right now is the most important and that is where your focus should be. So take the information you have learned and apply it in a way that improves your life now.

Would you like to experience a Past Life Session?

If you would like to experience a past life session, then I would love to help you.

I offer past life sessions for clients and you are welcome to book a one hour session with me. This link will give you a one hour session. Please bear in mind, that very often past life sessions can take longer then this – up to three hours. You are welcome to start by booking a one hour session, and if we need more time, we can discuss this on the day of your appointment.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Sending love and light



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