From the moment you are born, your brain begins making links and associations to the world around it. It relies on the sensory input from your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and skin to interpret the environment. These sensory inputs in conjunction with our internal process of making meaning, feeling emotions, and feeling sensations starts to create a catalogue of experiences.

The brain is a master at making links and connections between pieces of information that are flooding in through the senses.
It groups and classifies information in an attempt to make it easier for us to live in this sensory rich environment.
It forms associations of things that it has seen, felt, heard, and experienced from the past in a way to help us move, navigate, and negotiate the world.

Each of these experiences creates pathways in the neural network of the brain. The pathways to anything that is no longer accessed, used, or experienced begins to fade and the neural pathways may even disconnect. While actions, thoughts or experiences that are repeated over and over again, begin to form stronger and stronger bridges and connections in the brain. The more often something is repeated the stronger the pathway becomes.

Your brain is a complex system of neural networks and certain pathways are more entrenched than others. When these strong pathways are healthy then they are supportive and nurturing for you, but when they are based on unhealthy and incorrect information, then they will continue to bring resistance and suffering into our lives. 

One of the challenges is that these pathways can be so unconscious and beneath the surface, that sometimes we are not even aware that they are there, yet they continue to lead us into self-destructive behaviours or thought patterns.

How then do we break the cycles and patterns in our life that subconsciously continue to sabotage our lives? How do we peak behind the scenes and re-wire our brains in a way that brings more alignment, more health and more focus to the things that are supportive and nurturing in our lives?


The cycles can be hard to break, especially if you are in a highly conditioned environment, surrounded by triggers that continuously send you down the same neural pathways over and over again.
It all begins with awareness. With the ability to see that the cycles, patterns and pathways exist, and then being able to re-wire the neural network towards pathways that support you in healthy and enriching ways.

The level of awareness that you have around what is going on in your mind is in direct proportion to your mental health. Your mental health is crucial in living a life that is aligned, purposeful, enrichening and fulfilling.
How then do we begin to re-wire our brains in ways that will enable to experience this?


The last thing that we want to do is to put energy and effort into re-wiring our brains, only to find that we have replaced once set of sabotaging pathways with a new set. Therefore, it is crucial to connect with what is truly correct for you before engaging in any activity that will re-wire your brain.
When we take a look at both Human Design and BG5 (the Business and career application of the Human Design System), the central focus is around understanding how we are designed and anchoring into our decision making strategy which will align us to experiences that are healthy and correct for us.
The process of finding this holistic, connected, heart-centred way of living and being takes practice and re-wiring of how we have done things in the past so that we can shift towards living a free-flowing life.

This is a journey to become aware of what is holding you back, what is creating resistance and what is holding you out of alignment and therefore causing suffering in your life.
Each time you bring awareness, you have the opportunity to shift your focus. In harmony with your decision-making strategy you begin understanding what to focus your energy on. What is REALLY for you and what is not. What brings that feeling inside of you that YES this is me, this is why I am here. 

You begin watching what you mind has to say about this and how it will continuously attempt to steer you back along those old pathways that you have walked many, many times before. You learn to catch it each time and gently and lovingly steer yourself back on track, back into alignment.
Some days you will fall back into those old patterns and walk those old pathways and not even realise that you have fallen back. When you notice, when you become aware – you just recognise that you have become aware and continue to bring your focus back to the awareness and to following your decision-making strategy.



To re-wire your brain you need to start with awareness. There are many tools that can assist with this and below is a list of some of the tools that I have used to assist with creating space in life for deeper awareness and therefore the ability to begin re-wiring the brain for success.
• Mindfulness
• Meditation
• Journaling
• Creative writing
• Affirmations
• Entering higher states of consciousness

There is no one size fits all approach or way to do this and it is crucial for each person to do what is correct for them.

In sessions with my clients, I assist them in understanding not only what their unique design is, but in how they can follow their decision-making strategy. We look at awareness and how they are able to begin seeing what they could not before, and then begin shifting their focus towards what is healthy and correct for them.

As we begin to align them to what is correct, we begin to re-wire the brain for success.
If you would like to learn more about re-wiring your brain for success, then…

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