Deep within you, lies your core essence, your spirit.

Does it feel free? Able to be fully expressed? Or do you feel more like the genie in the lamp, trapped and hidden from the world.  Only able to come out on rare occasions?

No matter what you have gone through in your life you will no doubt have had moments when you feel alive, energised and totally true to your core essence. Moments where your spirit feels free and able to be expressed.  These moments are what keep us searching for how to live like this EVERY moment of our lives. Yet the sad reality for most of humanity is that most of their lives have been spent hiding who they are, and worrying about what to say or do, how to be or live.

The journey into Human Design is one of freeing the spirit, breaking away from the shackles that hold us confined and unable to be who we are meant to be.

It is liberating to get to a place where you really see who you are and get to express that into the world.

The journey to this full liberation is one of returning home to the true self.  Being able to see what we have accumulated along the way that really is not for us and never has been, and letting it go.  As we grow up, we build up an image of who we think we are and can spend our entire lifetimes living up to that image, attempting to contort our spirit to mold into this image.  Yet somehow it never feels right, it never really fits and we can find ourselves constantly searching for our purpose and often coming up with more questions than answers.

Each person’s design is unique, and contains all the gifts, qualities and traits that you were given:

to live as a full expression of your spirit in this life.

Living against this will only bring suffering and hardship into your life, yet when you embrace and dive deeply into who you are, you get to experience the true magic of living with a free and fully expressed spirit.

For example, you may be here to provoke others, to confront them – all for the purpose of waking up their spirit. Yet if over the years, you have built up an image of yourself which says that provoking others is “bad” and confrontation should be avowed at all costs, then consciously and sub-consciously you would avoid provoking and confrontation at all costs.

Essentially you would be living a life that is against the true nature of your spirit.

Each time an opportunity to provoke another arises, you would step away from it.  Each time an opportunity for confrontation appears, you would back down from it.  You would rationalise these actions as being “good” and that you are being a “good” person for not provoking and confronting – yet this may be the very opposite of what needs to happen.

Now, I am not suggesting that you should run around provoking and confronting everything that comes into your space.  As there are people, environments and situations that are either correct for you or not.

In fact, when you meet people that are correct for you, the provoking and confrontation that would occur with them, would not only be helpful and useful, it would help to break their spirit free and wake them up to the amazing truth of who they are.

Learning your unique design is a gift, as it enables you to see who you are and let go of who you are not. 

You begin to step confidently into your spirit, and are able to connect to that wisdom within you that knows when to bring your gifts and talents into action and when to just sit back, relax, wait and watch.  You become deeply skilled at being you, and the gift that this brings to the world and people around you is immense. 

There really is no greater gift than to live as yourself.

My own journey has been a fascinating one, each week revealing a deeper layer of what it means to be me and to live as me.

Provoking and confrontation are part of my design, and as I reflect on this, I can clearly see when my mind jumps into the game and attempts to use these gifts for its own benefit. The result of this can be tragic. Pushing people away, rubbing them up the wrong way, and all together leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. 

On the converse side, I can see that when I apply my strategy and decision making authority the provoking and confrontation that occurs really is a spirit awakener.  It is a gift that allows others to step more fully into themselves.  Yes, it can feel uncomfortable, but when it is correct it works magic. 

Knowing your unique design allows you to relax into being you.  There is no need to prove anything or push to get anything. You wait and allow. You begin to notice the right people coming into your life and you know from deep within you when the timing is correct to offer your gifts to the world.  People receive them with open arms, and the transformation that occurs brings a immense wave of satisfaction, success, peace and awe into your life.  

Human Design is an amazing awareness tool that can help you to see what is not you (your patterns), to let go of all that is holding you back and creating pain and suffering in your life. 

Start living as your true self today!


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