Understanding Human Design


A 90 Minute Session delving deeper into understanding your Human Design.

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As you delve deeper into your Human Design, the Understanding your Human Design Session will assist you to gain a deeper understanding of your design and how to live truly as yourself.

Be guided to KNOW & TRUST yourself and to be the WARRIOR SPIRIT of your OWN TRUTH.

You are not here to be guided by your mind, or by the conditioning field around you.  There is only one place to make decisions about your life and that is from within you.

As we begin to test, experiment and validate through our human design experiment, we become more and more aware of how much conditioning there is in our lives and how this conditioning has been in control of our lives.

Our mind loves the conditioning, and uses this to stay in charge, often pushing us towards, or even against things causing untold suffering and pain in our lives.

Human Design provides a MAP for you to SEE and KNOW the AMAZING UNIQUE YOU.

It shows you that you are ALREADY PERFECT, and there is NOTHING to FIX.

That in order to live out your uniqueness, to just be yourself you just need to let go of what is NOT YOU.

During this session, we will delve into your Human Design Experiment

  • We will chat about your human design experiment and what you SEE.
  • What is working for you and what is not work?
  • We will begin to unfold how conditioning is showing up in your life and what your mind has to say about this.
  • We will look deeper into your not-self theme and become more aware of exactly how it is showing up in your life.
  • We will explore your strategy and how it works for you.
  • We will examine how your inner authority works for you. Where are you resisting and where are you trusting

This is a journey of self-discovery, of awareness.

The greatest GIFT is to LIVE as YOURSELF.



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