Online Course – Tune into your Intuition


Be guided towards connecting to your own intuitive wisdom.

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Are you aware of Intuition, but have yet to learn how to consistently access it and trust it’s guidance?

Do you wonder how your intuition communicates most effectively with you?

Do want to live a life that is divinely guided and that flows beautifully?

In this online course you will be guided through learning how to connect with and tune into your intuitive wisdom. Through the exercises and activities within this course you will gain a deeper understanding of how your intuition communicates with you. When you begin connecting more deeply with your intuition and heart space you will learn to trust and be guided by the wisdom that comes through for you.

Included in this course are:

  1. 7 Lessons each containing:
  2. Audio recorded and video explanations of exercises and activities to help you connect to your intuition and explore your gifts.
  3. Exclusive guided meditations.

Lesson 1

  • Learning the language of our intuition is the key to being able to recognise when it is communicating with us and being able to understand the messages and guidance it is delivering to us.

Lesson 2

  • There is usually a dominant channel through which you receive your intuitive information. ¬†Knowing what this is will assist you into understanding and connecting into your intuitive guidance on a deeper level.

Lesson 3

  • Most people in the Western world have been trained over and over again to proficiently use and trust their minds and intellect. Most have not learned anything about trusting their hearts. To access your intuitive wisdom, you will need to learn to make the journey from your head to your heart.

Lesson 4

  • Meditation is an amazing way for you to find your centre which allows you to connect to your heart space and to your intuitive guidance.

Lesson 5

  • As you begin to learn to connect to your heart space and your intuitive wisdom, so you will be able to make decisions from this space. Decisions made from your heart space are in alignment with your soul’s purpose and will create a life of flow and beauty for you.

Lesson 6

  • In this lesson we delve into a number of exercises and activities that assist you in using and trusting your intuitive abilities.

Lesson 7

  • Spending our time racing between the past and future keeps us disconnected from the present moment. As you learn to really take note of all the dimensions and aspects of the current moment, so you will learn to tune into the intuitive messages being shared with you.

Join the course now and begin connecting more deeply and more authentically with your heart space and the wisdom it has to share with you.


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