Human Design Foundations


If you are new to Human Design then this is the recommended starting point
2 x 90 minute sessions to start you off on your Human Design Journey.

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New to Human Design? The Human Design Foundations Session is a great place to start.

During the 2 x 90 minute Human Design Foundations Sessions (with time for questions) you will be introduced you to your Human Design Chart and start you on your Human Design Journey. Your Human Design Chart provides a MAP for you to SEE and KNOW the AMAZING and totally UNIQUE YOU. It shows you that you are ALREADY PERFECT, and there is NOTHING to FIX and that in order to live out your uniqueness, to just be yourself you need to let go of what is NOT YOU. What is not you comes from the not-self.  The NOT-SELF is made up of all the CONDITIONING you have been exposed to and when you can SEE this, when you can KNOW and OBSERVE this, you begin to FIND the truth of who YOU are.

Are you feeling the pressure?

The world around us is speeding up and with that comes both pressure and chaos. The chaos brings confusion, fear and anxiety, and with that the pressure to keep up, show up, do more, be more and have more. This leads us to push to make things happen and takes us out alignment and leads us into suffering. As a result of the pressure and the chaos, we end up burning energy in unhealthy and incorrect ways and are left feeling frustrated, bitter, angry and disappointed with ourselves, with life and with the world around us. This all affects how we show up in the world.

Would you like a simple way to navigate?

  • Human Design provides you with simple strategies to know when you are in or out of alignment.
  • It provides you with a way to navigate through the pressure and the chaos.
  • It empowers you to live standing in your power, and being guided from within.
  • It enables you transform the frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment into satisfaction, success, peace and surprise.
  • It shows you exactly who you are so that you can show up in the world being the amazing, unique being that you are.
The central message within Human Design is that we are perfect and there is nothing to fix!

This is the truth of who we are. Coming to a place of awareness and realisation of this – now that is the game changer RIGHT??

A world filled with self-aware beings who are living correctly as themselves – now this is a world worth living in.

Human Design provides a MAP for you to SEE and KNOW the AMAZING and UNIQUE YOU. It shows you that you are ALREADY PERFECT, and there is NOTHING to FIX. That in order to live out your uniqueness, to be yourself you just need to let go of what is NOT YOU. i.e. any idea that who you are is not good enough or needs to be fixed or healed in some way as this all comes from the NOT-SELF. Human Design provides you with the EXACT map that enables you to SEE exactly where your CONDITIONING is, and what to LET GO so that you can SEE THE REAL YOU.

For our sessions together, you will need to provide me with:
  1. Your date of birth
  2. The time of your birth
  3. The country of your birth
  4. The town of your birth

Without this information, I will not be able to connect accurately into your specific design.

During these Human Design Foundations Sessions, we will look at your Human Design Chart and SEE:

  • Your Human Design Type and how you are designed to interact with the world around you.
  • What your strategy is to live the life you were designed to live.
  • Your signature and how to know when you are on or off track.
  • Where you take in your conditioning.
  • How to become aware of your not-self.
  • What your inner authority is, and how you can start making decisions that are correct for you.
  • How to be guided from within.
  • What your defined and consistent life force energy is and how to anchor into that.
  • Your activations, strengths and skills.
  • The role you are here to play.
  • Your life purpose
  • Tips to live as yourself.
When we are aware of our NOT-SELF we can be FREE of the power it has over us.
Then, we can TRULY begin LIVING the life we were DESIGNED to live.

Note: Your payment for these sessions indicates your readiness and commitment. This in turn invites me to use my energy to prepare for and deliver these sessions optimally for you.  You may have questions before committing and we can happily communicate about those.  You are welcome to book a discovery call where we can chat about your options.  I will need your birth data before this call so that I can communicate to you in the most effective way.

Have you heard of BG5? BG5 is the Career and Business Application of the Human Design System.

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