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I work on an energetic and psychic level to tune into the deeper aspects of your soul that need healing and shifting.  It will open the doors to what is holding your energy and causing misalignment for you.  You may have an awareness that something is not quite right, and through an EVA session I will be able to connect you deeply to what that is.  It will bring to light what needs healing and will awaken you to what is needed to shift the energy towards lightness, openness and expansiveness. An EVA Session is an Intuitive Energy Vibration Alignment.  This is a distance psychic and energetic connection to you, to bring through healing, guidance and an energetic shift.

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  • Is your energy low?
  • Is there a heaviness in your energy at the moment?
  • Are you wanting to connect to yourself on a deeper soul level?
  • Perhaps you are feeling shut down on some level.
  • Do you have emotions coming up that you would like to process and resolve?
  • Are you seeking some clarity?
  • Would you like to bring some more mental positivity into your life, to feel more optimistic?
  • Would you like to feel an energetic shift?

 How does it work?

Using my psychic abilities, I tune into your energetic and physical body.

I scan through your system and will pick up on energetic disturbances within your field.  Through this, I will be able to tap into how you are feeling and what you might be finding difficult to express or articulate yourself.  We all have energy centres within our field, and I will be able to see and feel which of these needs clearing, and shifting.

Using my connection to the universal realms, I will ask for guidance for you. I will connect to what you most need at this time.  What healing and what shifting you need to bring your energy centres into alignment, into flow.

I have been working with clients all over the world, and can accurately connect to my clients over very long distances.

 What do clients have to say?

“Yesterday I had an EVA session with Lynda, and oh my gosh. At first I was confused because it was a little different to a normal energy session where it would all happen online in front of the person. Instead she connected with me and then sent the audio of the mediation. I have listened to it twice now and each time I have gotten ann intense feeling of the healing modalities and she has been spot on with every single thing. Thank you Lynda, I would highly recommend and I will have another one soon!” Emma Nally

“I had the special chance to work with Lynda as she was developing the Energy Vibration Alignment sessions. Her ability to connect to my energy, help me see some hidden areas and give me tips on ways I could shift my energy were invaluable. I still listen to the visualization that she sent me as part of my session. If you are looking for help with your energy or stuck in a place that you are unsure of why, give Lynda a try. She is skilled, nurturing and truly cares about the healing of others. Many blessings ♥♥♥” BJ Byrd

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What does the EVA session entail?

The EVA Session (Intuitive Energy Vibration Alignment) is structured as follows:

  1. We will have a 10- 15 minute video call where you will answer some questions for me. These questions will allow me to connect to you and to what is currently going on for you.  I will chat to you about what I am connecting with and what I am feeling.   Physical sensations come up and I describe these to you to get confirmation on where / how you are feeling and experiencing these.
  2. At the end of the call and over the next few days you will need to be aware of any sensations, feelings, emotions, dreams and occurrences that come up for you.  Writing these down and taking notes of the times they occur.  Many clients begin to notice a shift or a change in their energy within the first two hours after the call.  They also notice multiple shifts each time they listen to the audio meditation and over the coming days.  Being aware and taking notice of this will help you to process everything that is occurring and we will discuss this during our follow up call.
  3. After the video call, I will spend about 60 – 90 minutes working on your energy and connecting into what came up during the video call. During this time, I will be shifting and working through all the disturbances in your energy field and will be bringing through guidance on how to shift this energy for you.  I will make notes of the process and the guidance that comes through.
  4. Next, I will create an audio MP3 file where I will talk through the entire shifting process and what came up for you. This could include meditations, visualisations, mindset affirmations and any other information that is being shared with me for your highest good. This audio file is usually about 20 – 30 minutes in length.
  5. I will email a link to this file which you will be able to download and listen to. It is yours to keep.  You will need to dedicate 30 minutes of your time to listen to this audio in a space where you can totally immerse yourself without distraction in the information and messages that come through.
  6. A few days after the initial video call, we will have another 15-30 minute follow up call, where we will discuss the shifting energy that you have felt and what came through for you in the audio file. Any additional information that comes through will be shared with you at this stage and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions.
The entire EVA Process takes at least 2 hours to complete.

The audio Mp3 file is yours to keep, and it is recommended that you continue to listen to it and work with in the coming weeks after the session.  The more you continue to work with the EVA Process that comes through for you, the more the energy will shift for you.

Clients had this to say about the audio resource:

This is an amazing resource.

The audio offered me more than I had expected.

It is a healing resource, something that I can go back to and work with over and over.

Each time I listen to the meditation there is a new layer, there is a new word that resonates differently with me, there is something that I probably heard but now I hear it in a new way because now there is something else that has peeled back or I am now able to look at things differently.

I look forward to connecting to you and bringing through guidance.

Lynda Gaiao

Connecting you to your Heart & Soul



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