BG5 Success Code Complete Report


Reveal your hidden potential with a BG5 Design Success Code Complete Report, which covers the 16 success codes in your unique design.

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Your BG5 Design Success Code Complete Report is a user manual for your life. This Report covers all 16 Success Codes, and provides you with the tools to understand your unique Career Design, and fully utilize the specific gifts, talents and attributes you are here to share with the world. Learn where and how you are best designed to be successful.

A BG5 Design Success Code Complete Report is a great place to start if you are new to BG5 and want to get an overview of your unique design. This +/-40 page report outlines all the key elements in your design and runs through all 16 success codes and how they apply to your unique design.

The 16 success codes are:

  1. Career Type
  2. Personal Interaction
  3. Decision Making Strategy
  4. Life Theme
  5. Assimilation
  6. Environment Style
  7. Business Skills
  8. Business Attributes
  9. The Nine Functions
  10. Shadows / Distractions
  11. Public Role
  12. Life Work Theme
  13. General Thematics
  14. Strengths and Contributions
  15. Characteristics and Qualities
  16. Large Business Strengths


As the Complete Report is on overview or snapshot of your design, you may want to book in a one-on-one session to find out a greater level of personal detail:

Check out Lynda Gaiao’s professional profile which lists her BG5 Qualifications


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