BG5 Business & Career Design ANALYSIS


A personal, in-depth exploration of self, personality, conscious and unconscious elements and how you are designed to work.  It reveals all the elements that you will need to navigate your work life as either an employee, leader or business owner: This analysis is done over 3 x 90-minute sessions with time for questions.


BG5 Career and Business Design Analysis

BG5 is a revolutionary personal profiling and team dynamic assessment tool that provides an extremely accurate evaluation of who you are and provides a wealth of information about how you are designed to live, work, connect, communicate and lead. It accesses both the conscious and unconscious influences and you get a deep view into the strengths and talents as well as the issues people face when working together. In comparison to other assessment tools, BG5 only requires three pieces of information that are 100% objective and does not rely on any biased or subjective responses.

Typically, assessment tools used to profile leaders, individuals and teams are very subjective, requiring you to answer a long list of questions through the lens of “Who I would like to be”, or “What I would like to do”, or “What I think is expected of me in this role or this job.” It is therefore unlikely to provide an objective evaluation of who you are. It can neither provide an accurate description of what your individual strengths, traits and talents are nor what your shadows and distractions are.

Rather than being boxed into a label or set of descriptors and ultimately reaching a ‘ceiling’ of where most other assessment tools take you, through BG5 you clearly see and understand how nuanced and unique your career design is. You will receive an entirely new perspective on your day to day and strategic business interactions. It will bring fresh and clear communication for you, and a way for you to be in the correct environments so that your strengths and weaknesses create an experience that is best for you and those around you.

Drudgery to Success

In 2019, Gallup found that only 34% of the workforce is engaged. By their definition, this means they are committed to and enthusiastic about their work.  What about the other 66%? 13% is actively disengaged – i.e. workers who have miserable work experiences. 53% are in the not engaged category – essentially these are workers who are only doing enough so they don’t get fired.

This is tragic, but fixable.

When we can align individuals to work they are designed to do we can move from drudgery to engagement, collaboration, improved productivity, fulfillment and success.

BG5 Analysis: A personal, in-depth exploration of self, personality, conscious and unconscious elements and how you are designed to work.

A full BG5 Analysis includes all the 6 success codes covered in the BG5 Overview and goes into greater depth by covering all 16 success codes – these are practical tools that empower your career. The Analysis is an in depth look into your personal career design and is an empowering resource and a detailed map for living your success codes. You receive greater insight into your business skills, strengths, traits and qualities as well as those things that can potentially take you off track and then how to get back on track again.

Your life work and public role outlines how you operate and how people perceive and interact with you. You will receive practical guidance on how to incorporate your unique design in your career and team scenarios. Ultimately moving towards a career that is deeply fulfilling for you.

The Dream is to help you reach your full potential by:

  • Aligning you with your life’s work.
  • Understanding your true strengths, talents and gifts.
  • Having practical tools that will bring all that you are forward into the world.

What does this mean?

  • How are you designed to make money?
  • How do you fulfil your purpose?
  • How to be successful and satisfied.
  • What gifts get called out of you in large or small groups?
  • What work environment do you work best in?
  • How do we understand and work best with others?
  • How does communication and personal interaction work between yourself and others?
  • Understand how group dynamics operate and how you operate best both in and out of group settings.

What is covered in the BG5 Business & Career Design ANALYSIS sessions?

Your BG5™ Career and Business Design Analysis contains the 16 success code elements that you will need to navigate your work life as either an employee or a business owner:

  1. Career Type: How do you best express yourself in the world and get things done?
  2. Personal Interaction: How do you best interact with others: your non-verbal presence?
  3. Decision-Making Strategy: Knowing how to make the best decisions with confidence and correct timing is the key to removing resistance and experiencing success.
  4. Key Indicators: Important signposts to keep you on track.
  5. Assimilation: How do you process information?
  6. Environment Style: In what work setting do you operate best?
  7. Business Skills: What abilities do you bring to the table?
  8. Team and Business Attributes: What do you bring to small groups?
  9. Defined Functions: Which functions define your consistent strengths?
  10. Shadows/Distractions: Where are you taken off track – and where do you make the most money?!
  11. Public Role: How do you manifest your purpose in the world?
  12. Life Work: What is the overall theme of your purpose in the world?
  13. General Thematics: Are you focused on Empowerment, Sharing or Support in your work?
  14. Strengths and Contributions: What are the gifts that you bring to the world?
  15. Traits and Qualities: What is your unique expression of these gifts?
  16. Large Business and Group Strengths: Do you belong in large groups – and if so, how and where do you fit?

How are the sessions BG5 Business & Career Design ANALYSIS delivered?

Working with a consultant will allow you to synthesize all aspects of the analysis together, as well as to receive practical individual guidance in terms of how to incorporate this within your career and business scenarios.

The BG5 Career & Business Analysis is delivered over 3 x 90-minute sessions with time for questions.

All sessions are delivered over video call, and you will be provided with a recording of the session and a copy of the supporting documentation.

How soon after payment can I schedule my sessions?

You will receive an email within 24 hours of placing your order to confirm your order. Next you will need to provide the three pieces of objective data required to compile your BG5 Career & Business Analysis. It then typically takes 7-10 business days to prepare your BG5 Career and Business Analysis. Once the BG5 Career and Business Analysis has been completed, you will be sent a link to schedule a mutually convenient time.

Check out Lynda Gaiao’s professional profile which lists her BG5 Qualifications


Note: Your payment for these sessions indicates your readiness and commitment. This in turn invites me to use my energy to prepare for and deliver these sessions optimally for you.  You may have questions before committing and we can happily communicate about those.  You are welcome to book a discovery call where we can chat about your options.  I will need your birth data before this call so that I can communicate to you in the most effective way.


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